Friday, May 19, 2017

Flashback Friday

A few weeks ago I wrapped up my Denver graduate school days and said that that was all I had and there would be no more.  And then I go rifling through a box and find this picture of me and Eddie and his GF Consuela.  I'm not sure where we were but as certain as I can be I believe it was a Mexican restaurant in western Denver.   If I remember correctly it is where I firmly established my dislike for Mexican fare except for a cool little dessert they had.  It was a triangular puffy bread.  You tear off one of the corners and pour honey inside.  It was quite tasty and I have never had once since.  I ask around whenever I am in a Mexican place and everyone seems confused.  

Anyway, we dressed up in the stuff they had handy for other touristas, and they take the picture.  Then they collect a heavy ransom for copies.  Being touristas, of course, everyone pays.  I wonder if the place still exists?  

It was a second in time, away from the grind of study.  Three amigos out for a good time in a South-of-the-Border cantina.  There were more of us in the group and I think Jan was with us too, but she was either shy or didn't have the money.  I think the Calhoun boys were with us, too.  Anyway, this picture could easily be placed in a turn-of-the-century book on the Old West and just might look authentic.  It's a great picture, really.  Everyone looks spot on and I see no discernible snickers.  In fact, Eddie is hamming it up perfectly and Consuelo, dressed as a hooker, is perfectly posed and with an expression of a certain knowing weariness that I so enjoy in my hookers.  Of course, explaining why a Gringo is cavorting with Pancho and his woman may be difficult, but then perhaps maybe not.  The Old West was inhabited by many desperadoes with a kinship to each other.   These desperadoes had a kinship that helped them get through school.


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