Friday, June 9, 2017

Flashback Friday

One of my regrets is not doing the usual week-off-vacation-with-the-family thing.  It always seemed that our schedules were off kilter.  We did go to St. Louis a couple times to see a ballgame, stay in a hotel and some of the sights. I kind of wish I'd insisted on doing it every year, but alas, it was not to be.  

Perhaps one of the reasons was this picture from one of our trips.  Now, I'm no psychologist but there seems to be a couple things going on in this picture.  I don't remember, of course, but looking at this it would appear that not everyone was happy with the festivities.  I do recall booking rooms in a place whose picture of the pool and the actual thing was quite different.   That was a bit upsetting.  Then there was the flat tire.  Was that the same trip we did the cave thing near Quincy?  Was it the time the present Mrs. Blythe got a speeding ticket driving on the way back?  I don't have my archives handy but the trip was not the best and it looks like it is affecting certain parties.  Am I closer to Kenze in an attempt to cheer her up?  Was she pissed, thus allowing Brendan to flash a wry chuckle in response?  

Okay, I'm getting some outside information.  Excuse me a second whilst I check with the parties involved. 

The real current Mrs. Blythe:

"Brendan:  Boy did I get her, haha, and there isn't a thing the parents can do.  Can't wait to get back in the car and really make her head spin. 
Kenzie:  I want his head on a platter...just his head.
Mike:  Country roads take me home...get me the hell outa here"

The real daughter Mackenzie:

"I remember this trip, we always refer to it as the vacation from Hell.  You couldn't tell from my face at the time, but I really wasn't up for picture time!  If I remember correctly this was our last vacation!  Ha ha."  

The real son Brendan:  

"I have no memory of this picture.  I can't even figure out where we are.  I look exactly like Adam Samburg in this picture.  I would suggest a fire.  Otherwise?  '"Father and Daughter pictured with hitchhiker.  Current whereabouts unknown."

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