Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mainsail Art Festival 2017

The St. Petersburg Mainsail Art Festival has become a traditional stop for us in April.  It is the place where in richer days I have bought several pieces of original artwork that struck my fancy.  In leaner times, these are leaner times, I try to pick something up that  catches my eye but won't break the bank. 

This year I found native St. Pete James Lacy who painted this mooring buoy.  I had not ever heard of a mooring bouy until I told Mr. Lacy I liked his blue bobber.  A real look of disappointment Oops.  Sorry.  It now hangs in my bedroom.  

It was also a good opportunity to pick up a couple future Mother's Day gifts for the current Mrs. Blythe.  These glass pieces were very nice so I picked them up for her and then she proposed to pay for the painting so both Mother's and Father's Day were taken care of at Mainsail.


The Mainsail offers original art for all income brackets and frankly, I'm a sucker for pure genuine one-of-a-kind art;  not the usual three-aisle home décor we all get at Walmart or Target.  I would have posted more pictures but my computer isn't downloading pages and after rebooting and doing many cleans it is officially on the fritz.  I'm having to do this on a purloined PC and I am unfamiliar with its nuances and it is getting late.  Future posts are in jeopardy if I can't resolve this issue.    

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