Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits

The Cabin in the Woods is in a hiatus state at the moment.  I have contacted Allegiant Air and they will be happy to bring me back in about 30 days, more or less, for the second half of the 2017 Summer Tour.  Gas up the Jeep, Wombie,  I've got a ticket to ride!    


I include this short video on how to build an igloo.  It may be a bit short on details but is long on cold.   (Looks like the saw is used to cut cantilevered so blocks are placed against each other with gravity.)  Brrr.  Six months from today all the Christmas hoopla will be over.


Something happened when last we met.  It officially became Summer.


"I have a very good brain and I have said a lot of things.  My primary consultant is myself and I have, you know,  I have a good instinct for this stuff."  March 16, 2016

"My uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump MIT, good genes, very good genes, okay, very smart, Wharton School of Finance, very good, very smart -- you know, if your a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if, like, okay, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I'm one of the smartest people anywhere in the world - it's true!"  July 21, 2016

"Is Donald Trump an intellectual?  Trust me, I'm like, a smart person."  January 27, 2017 

"I understand things.  I comprehend very well, okay, better than I think almost anybody."  February 8, 2017


Adventures In Babysitting

I packed up my two clients for a walk to Burger King.  I do feel I need the occasional field trip to broaden their horizons and to get away from the cartoons.  The nearby pool is always a crowd-pleaser, but today, a Friday, called for a special ice cream treat.  What you can't see from this bucolic picture is the mess that was created by an overfilled strawberry shake for Norah and the mess in Alfred's lap by tipping her cup over.

Norah decided she was too tired to walk anymore so she climbed in the lower portion of the stroller.  Sometimes it makes one wonder if maybe cartoons aren't the better part of valor - and trouble. 


Things I worry about when I'm not worrying about something:

---What happens if circumstances dictate that I need to make a call to someone and I don't have my own phone?  I don't know anyone's number!  I haven't had to memorize a number in decades.

---There's something kind of creepy about "for-profit prisons".

---When I have a car following me for a long time I kind of feel sadly rejected when they peal off.

---Will I be anywhere near a great spot during the Eclipse USA solar eclipse on August 21st?

---Wonder how many times the letter "I" was accidentally used instead of "u" when typing the word puzzle.  They are right next together on the keyboard.  Just a simple mistake can turn a fun puzzle into an animal penis, pizzle.  (Note: tomorrow's post has word puzzle in it and made that mistake.)

---I'd like to have a pair of Velcro shoes, but don't want to be seen as an old fogie.  I'd also like a pair of those shoes the kids wear that light-up and blink around when you walk.  And yes, they make them for adults.  


Note to loyal readers:  In the next few weeks I will be posting single pictures taken while back in Northlandia periodically.  There will be no information, no prologue.  No ""thanks for joining me".  They were all taken around Emerald City - at the lagoon, or at the Grind UFO landing cul-de-sac, or near the fairgrounds.  They are night shots of the Milky Way or just cool nighttime photos.  Some are going to be in the Mercer County Fair because I am just vain enough to want to exhibit them.  


If I have to think of Kellyanne Conway, I think of her like this...


I saw Hidden Figures last week and it was OK.  It is the story of the women behind the mathematical challenge of putting men in space during the early days of the space race.  As entertainment it was a fine time to spend a couple hours with three savvy ladies who. according to this story, were single-handedly responsible for our successes.  It is better as entertainment than history, but then aren't most of these types of films?  My problems were the obvious writing behind the words - it was obvious there was a team of writers who had to create situations to punch up the story.  Too obvious.  In one stereotypical confrontation with a white NASA supervisor, and after the super says she isn't racist, one of the black characters says "I know you believe you're not."  Pretty much doubt the character would have said that in this time, and in this confrontation.  Such a twisted response would have put her job in jeopardy. Another incident has one of the black ladies so intent on attending an engineering class at the local school that she even went to court to facilitate that dream.  But her first day in class she opens the door to a room of white students and the teacher in full professorial oration.  She would never have been late to her classes.  One other writing reveal was one of the characters mouthing, "Her work is spot-on."  "Spot-on" has been around for a while (1936), but was used in the UK and wasn't in the common vernacular in the early 60's.  The confrontation with the stereotypical redneck cop was a little derivative as well.

But if you can handle these problems the film is kind of fun and interesting.  It is based on a true story and one wishes they done that movie instead of the TV-ish one we actually get here.  Kevin Costner is his usual great self and nice to see him slipping into decent character roles in his later career.  Should you see it?  Yes, thankfully the good parts overwhelm the bad.


This past week I discovered a seafood shop not far from Waterboard.  Neat place with all kinds of different things.  I picked up some blackened salmon  (And paid for it, too).

On the far left is Baby Octopus Salad and if you look real close, that's what they are, too.  On the far right is Seasoned Squid.  I don't think I'm that curious to try.  Wish they had some pea salad that you can't find in this whore of a state. 


At a stop light while coming home from the beach one dusky night this baby pulled up beside me.  I got an instant erection.  We looked at each other for what seemed minutes.  I admired her lines, her curves, her sexy fender skirts.  When the light turned green I turned left - she turned right.  And I'll think of her every day for the rest of my life.


Till week after next.  Because of the 4th of July holiday there won't be a Tuesday Tidbits next week.

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