Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Emerald City After Dark

One early morning I took my camera downtown in Emerald City and took these black and whites.  Alleys in the dark.  No cars.  No people.  No sounds.  This is why I like the early morning.  Mystery. Shadows.  Hiding places.    

Just another way to look at our world.  Night is much more thrilling than daylight.  The shadows aren't just black, they make our hearts race just a bit.  It's not a horror movie race either.  It's an almost otherworldly excitement.  What lurks in the blackness - is it malevolence?  Is it benign?  Is it something in between or nothing at all?  We never know, until daylight.  But by then our hearts have resumed their unburdened beating - normal, unexciting, lacking the thrill of night.  Until the sun sets again.

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