Thursday, July 27, 2017

Our Water Nymph

A few months ago I mentioned in this blog that during an early morning walk I found a Nikon camera on the sidewalk.  Strangely enough it worked and after buying a battery charger I have been using it on some outings.  It wasn't till later I also found out it is waterproof and so I took it to the pool to test it out.


I'm somewhat speechless at my good fortune.  I wonder what event landed that camera on that sidewalk and kept it at that spot, a working camera mind you, so that I would come upon it in the early morning hours?  It wasn't far from Wal-Mart so one can surmise that a person left it on top of their car.  A tourist perhaps, although the pictures on the card would not suggest it.  I don't know.  And never will.  I erased the pictures on the card because I felt like a voyeur.  If I could have gotten some indication of eh owner or address I would have liked to have returned it; it was not cheap.  Looking at Amazon it came close to costing $200.  

I do know that it has provided a source of enjoyment for me and my clients this summer in the Waterboard pool.  And since I'm never too reticent to beat a dead horse (the horse doesn't care) I will be posting more of these dazzling underwater shots in the coming weeks.  And as always, if you aren't looking toward the skies for aliens, then keeping looking down at the ground - you'll be surprised what you can find.  

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