Monday, July 10, 2017

Pope Creek

Take three turns out of Seaton and if you take the right ones, you'll arrive at a small church and cemetery.  Let the dust fall from the gravel road and you will see the well-maintained country sanctuary called Pope or Pope's Creek Church.  It isn't used except for special occasions now but at one time this was the mother church of Mercer Country.  When it was formed, by thirteen people, on October 14, 1837 it was the farthest point west and north for the Presbyterian church.  Out of this congregation grew four other churches: Aledo, Millersburg, Keithsburg and Seaton.   

The church was restored a few years ago.

Once the original charter members formed their church they soon began building this one, and finished it in 1847.

Somewhere along they way the church acquired a pump organ to help with services and was used even as late as a couple years ago.  Because of its value it was stored in more secure quarters and they would deliver it to the church on the occasion when it was needed here.  However, age and deterioration has prevented that transport lately.

I imagine these first couple rows were likely the favored spots in winter.

Remember that old James Stewart movie Shenandoah?  Remember when his youngest son comes walking through the doors in the final scene while tears are streaming down your face?  This reminds me of that scene.

Names of charter members and those who left to form other churches.  When you think of the historicity and the fact that this little enclave started 4 other churches in the area, it is a rather remarkable story.

While taking off I noticed this stone with the nice floral thingie on top.  The odd thing was, old Amy there died in 1861.  Poor thing was only 4  but its been 156 years.  Gone that long and someone still placed flowers on her stone.  

My folks are here.  And most of the people I grew up remembering as a kid.  Not that it means much but I have a plot in this nice quiet place if and when it is needed.  I'm holding out hope it won't be necessary.   

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