Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The 4th In Largo

The crew attended 4th of July festivities in Largo Park instead of the Vinoy this year. While it was not as fun as the BFE show at the Community Center, it nevertheless was worth the trip.   The place was pretty crowded and we threw a blanket down.  We had lawn chairs and the kidlings were in a festive mood.   

Some guy was going from place to place to show off his magician tricks.  God, stay away from us, I whispered to myself and maybe not so much of a whisper.  I'm a people person (ask anyone) but sometimes you don't want the interactive experience from total strangers looking for a handout.

Tall Uncle Sam wobbling his way through the crowd.

The guy next to us inexplicably brought his two German Shepherds to a crowded public park with booming fireworks.  He also brought his gun as you can see (or maybe not see) on his belt.  What could possibly go wrong?

Our blanket neighbors to the south of us were very kind.  One of the boys in the group gave us several of those light up thingies that our kids enjoyed immensely.  Thanks again.  I tried to give them a buck but they said no.  I'm always so surprised when people are nice down here for no reason other than to be nice. 

Happy Birthday, America.  

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