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Flashback Friday

Today I thought I'd let you see how the old homestead living room looked on a normal day back when we were home from school in the summer.  While Marj kept the place pretty spotless and most messes had to be dealt with when finished, she did allow a a certain measure of mess.  We see some knick knacks that were familiar when growing up.  

  • Closest to the camera on the left was this really neat and surprisingly heavy glass blue duck.   It's kind of funny because I have no idea what happened to it but whenever I enter an antique shop I always see if I can find one just like it.  Pure nostalgia.  

  • Over to the back around the fireplace it looks like the round wooden table has been removed for some reason.  It was a kind of wobbly antique so maybe it was being fixed, or maybe Marj was just doing some minor remodeling of the room.  The louvered doors leaning against the brickwork were used in front of the fireplace as a sort of decoration.  Later, the folks would convert it into a gas fireplace and thus became used more extensively.  At that point the louvers were never used again.

  • Looks to me like someone is doing some research or just making a nest to while away some time.  Pre-computer days one would gather the reading material, a radio, a tape player and do your thing. 

  • On the mantel was a nice tall stemmed green vase.  Marj had a lot of glassware and as 3 boys growing up we always prided ourselves in that we never broke any of it.  I ended up with a blue glass piece that I admired but it was broken by one of the cats once in a packing accident.  Damn cats.  

  • Further proof that the folks liked Phil best, notice the small framed picture just to the right of the tall green vase?  That's Phil's picture in a school photo.  Why, I have no idea.  The twins were cuter, smarter, more sophisticated.  Don't get it.

  • The living room was a great place to lay on the floor and stretch out.  A huge picture window let the sun in, lots of room to wrestle or grovel.  

Well, just another day in the Blythe house.  Normal is normal wherever you are.      


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