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Flashback Friday: Poopy's - Part 1

Because I'm new up in Northlandia and still finding my bearings I am reposting something we did back in May of 2010.  I chose this trip becasue I will be prepping the bike for some riding this week.  


Preparing to "saddle-up". From left: Rick, Jen, Carrie, Tim and Dave.

Heading toward Savanna.

But first a quick stop at Honda shop in Davenport.
Holy cow, look at Old Yeller!

Stopping at the Iron Horse Social Club in Savanna.

Checking all the bikes parked on Main Street.

It was a great morning, sun was shining without any clouds. We decided to head up to Savanna to see the old motorcycle museum/display at the iron Horse, a mecca for bikers. But first we needed to stop at the Honda place in Davenport. Rick is looking for saddlebags for his Suzuki Boulevard and we saw some pretty nice bikes. There is one called a Valkyrie Rune which was the best looking bike I've ever seen. It shoots to the top of my Christmas list. Also saw a NEW 2007 1800. How is that you may ask? It has been crated for three years. They knocked off around $5000 and I have to tell you I had more than just a fleeting desire to sign on a dotted line. It was good looking, fairly priced and did I say it was NEW? I couldn't get out of there faster if Lolita (barmaid from Gilles Tap in Kickapoo) was doing a striptease. I decided I have a nice bike, if a mite long in the tooth. Guess we're made for each other.
On to Clinton where we crossed the River and headed northward to Savanna. The Iron Horse is an interesting place. Many bikes were parked on the highway on both sides in front and it was explained they were having a rally somewhere near. Inside the bar is a mishmash of decor and memorabilia. It was clean and old but it had never decided what kind of decor it was going to adhere to. There is a big horse inside that is made of steel plates, thus its moniker. But it has a display of museum-quality bikes on all three levels. It has furry fish, a clipper ship motif on level 2 and a chapel on the third level. I guess one might call it eclectic. One might also call it cluttered. Regardless, it was an interesting stop and the bikes were fun to look at, inside and out. Of course now that we ride around with a bright yellow bike nobody pays any attention to the rest of ours.
Its tough to explain to non-bikers what a thrill riding is. Its a combination of camaraderie, emotional freedom and adventure. You ride with others but you alone with your thoughts. Today was a fun, almost grueling, hot exercise in riding and waving (bike etiquette calls on you to wave to other bikers).


                      Hundreds, OK maybe scores of bikes lining the street.

                     I was told there would be many hundreds later in the day.

Gorgeous wooden bar upstairs on the third floor next to the chapel.

Upstairs in the chapel. Tim and Carrie who are planning on getting married on 9-10-11 practise their nuptials.

There is an actual chapel upstairs where services are held on the 1st Sunday of each month. There is a pulpit, pews and old motorcycles as a backdrop, along with the stained glass windows.
Our route took us up to Milan and to Davenport via the interstate. We stopped at Honda at the Flying J exit and from there through Clinton across the river up to Savanna. In our group we have a Harley, two Kawasaki's and a Suzuki.


In a couple weeks I'll repost the final part of trip.  Stay tuned. 


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