Thursday, November 12, 2015

Only In Florida

In what may be a semi-regular feature on BFE, we present the first post that focuses on the strange, miasmic land called Floriduh.  Quite simply, things happen here that don't happen anywhere else.  It is my conjecture that it was first settled by aliens.  That is the only theory that makes any sense to me.    

"This is Interstate 75, which, oddly, correlates to the average Floridian's IQ." 
Walt Disney

A few miles outside Orlando is a place called Disney World.  You all have heard of that place.  On the other side of town a few miles is a place called Bible World.  For $50 per person you can enjoy a Christian religious-themed park.  No rides but they do have an empty tomb.  No Mickey Mouse but they do have Jesus.    

Next time you plan the vacation for the family try talking them into Bible World, it's a little cheaper, and you can reflect and pray instead of wait and retch like the other place across town.

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