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Repost of Sturgis And the Wall Of Death

Tim talked me into going into the Wall of Death show at Sturgis On/By the River. These cranked-out daredevils do stunts in a small enclosed area. Look at the demonic expression the Charlie Manson look-alike gives us as he is hurtling along the wall. Some amazing stuff here. I missed taping Tim yelling down to him after his ride "Crazy Fucker!" He looked up at Tim with the same wild-eyed Manson smile. You just don't get this kind of stuff in St. Pete, Florida.

Son of Charlie?

Not all Spring chickens.
Look Ma, no hands.

Donation well deserved.

Inane Inanities

1.  Turned CNN on the other day and in big black text against a red backdrop was "BREAKING NEWS".  Turns out the big news was the LA Coroner published Whitney Houston's death certificate with reason for demise 'deferred'.  That's a News Break?  When I was a kid the networks reserved their Special Announcements with aplomb.  Political and activist assassinations or presidential resignations were prime topics.  I guess nowadays a non-informative death certificate of a drug-addled has-been celebrity diva counts as news.   I recall when they first started they did real news all day.  And with the gravitas of James Earl Jones saying in his deepest Darth Vader voice "This....Is CNN" you knew you were getting some semblance of non-commercialized news.  But not anymore.  Now we get the Magic Wall.  Nothing says "cheese" like CNN.  It's a sad decline for a once grand news network.


These Marines are not Tebow-ing.  It isn't a prayer huddl…

St. Pete Skyline - 2

After Demen's Landing I moved on down to the Vinoy, but still looking back to downtown. By the way, there is very little traffic at all at 4:30 am, and the only people around are the bums at Bum Paradise (William's Park).  It really is like having the whole city to yourself.  Hope you enjoy these pics.

My next project since fog is fairly common down here, is to do fog early morning at the skyline.  I think that would be pretty neat.  Maybe even learn how to do some extended time exposure during a thunderstorm.   Another feature, is the picture with the bright red-lit cupola is part of the Vinoy hotel and is said to be haunted.  Hmmm.  Maybe a timed exposure of the cupola?  At night, with the fog ruling in from the moors??  Oh no ghosty ghost!  (Inside joke)      

St. Pete Skyline In The Morning - Part 1

One of the things I was doing in December-Jan-Feb was getting up early and taking the  bike downtown to my 2nd favorite spot, Demen's Landing, and attempting to get good nighttime pics of downtown.  I must admit there was a learning curve and I just couldn't get a handle on this tricky shooting.  A few trips just didn't work, then I began playing with this camera a bit and the last time I was there I NAILED it.  Yeah, huh!  (Chest and fist bumping here).
As a result, you get 2 days worth of pics that I took and while they may seem redundant, and probably are, I am just so enthused with the results that Ima gonna share them all with you.  As usual, click to enlarge, and these deserve to be enlarged.  Whoooze yer Daddy?

Click to Enlarge

Night shots are tough and by setting the camera on night landscape and then putting it on a level surface, will reduce the need for a a tripod.  The camera will take it from there, and actually, mine varied the exposure, in some cases up to 7 …

Mugshot Monday

This is one of those weeks that I think the mugshots speak far better than I.  Sit back, enjoy your coffee and look at the latest batch of desperadoes that call the Tampa Bay Area their home, or at least the respective sheriff's holding cells.

(This is Ronny Jones, Male, from Tampa.)

Candy Mae Sutor

On March 22 The Sutor's lost their family member and companion, Candy.  By all accounts she had a nice long life and passed away from old age.  I don't know what it is about old guys and their dogs, about what their passing says to us.  A philosopher might say that it whispers "there is an end".  A theologian may regard it all as the cyclical nature of God's universe.  But for us old guys, it mostly means being alone without our best friends.  Lots of people don't get it.  For some all they see is vacuuming the hair,  taking walks at inopportune times, tedious cleaning of accidents, and a couch that won't be the same.  If there is such a thing as loving bonds between man and animal, it started with a dog.   I met Candy a couple of times and she was friendly, loved to be petted and like most dogs past their prime, was just as content laying down and taking a nap.  She naps still in Sutor Woods.

I have run across  a couple of things that have comforted me …

Flashback Friday

Today is a miss-mash of things.  First off, a couple of newspaper clippings that I have.  The first two are oldies from Marj who clipped them when something made her laugh.

Marj had a fistful of things she cut out of the paper.  Here are just a couple.  One of these days I'll find the others.  Some are really hilarious.

OK, now wait for it, wait for it..........get it? 

Ahem.  I said I would explain some of last weeks' high school pictures, so here we have another, and hopefully, final word on that little matter.  Uh, no, I think it deserves its own day.  So this will whet your appetite and I'll sate it in a few days.    

This is a fairly recent debate in Indiana. 

Michael giving me a kiss a few years ago.

Railroad Days Car Show article from 2003.  That's me on the right.  For a few years when Keith Nyman (L) was president of the Western Illinois Antique Auto Club,  he and I did the running for the Railroad Days Car Show.  It was a bit of work, but rewarding as well.  

I have…