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Breakfast At Egg Platter and Firing Range

Breakfast at the Egg Platter then off to a shooting range.  But first... 

Miss Norah wanted to show off her new outfit just for football Sundays (or at least when the  B**** play the Packers.  

This mural style artwork was plastered all over the wall at Egg Platter.  Liked the food, but maybe this picture is a little in poor taste, particularly after the Sparbo Egg factory scandal revealed in late November.

Seeing the factory worker swinging a chicken by a rope as he is walking down the hallway makes this poster less fantasy/fun and more reality/disgusting.  

Brendan, Drew and I went to a firing range in St. Pete and had a good time except for the sanctimonious, big-toenail-nibbling retired Officer Dumbshit who checked us in.  I haven't spent a lot of time around guns.  Never went hunting growing up in Seaton, and, frankly didn't know any hunters. Went pheasant hunting back in college with a friend but shot at the wrong type of pheasant, but bagged a frog.  Shot a gun with Stewart…

The Wedding

The big night arrives and I head down to Peoria to join in the reception festivities. Yup, got lost somehow but eventual found the place. Tim and Carrie are my old neighbors from my exile to North Henderson. They and the McCutcheons and the McVeys were folks I rode with and, with some luck, will again.
Great people and very pleased I made the effort to travel back for this one. Time is short (and getting shorter) and one should not miss the special occasions that bring friends together.

Walk in the door and these two delinquents were the first to spot me.  Lord.  Richard (Getdrunk) and Logan (Hippie) neither one could find their way out of a paper sack, but apparently were assisted to look almost kind of nice for this shindig.  

The reception was nice with lots of old friends.  Apparently everyone had had enough of me as they seem to have left me in the corner.

Rod and Diane McVey.  Rod is too nice for his own good, and Diane usually walks around with assorted critters in her…

Mugshot Monday

These two ladies are listed at 52 years old.  They look years older.  Tip to those who may be thinking of a career in crime, you may age quick.  Better to become a hedge fund manager.
Christi was arrested for:
Possession Of Cocaine, Trafficking In Illegal Drugs (oxycodone), Possession Of Cocaine, Possession Of Paraphernalia-inhale,etc., Withholding Information From A Practitioner

It is my opinion that drugs are killing Christi.

Things can only get better.

Living the dream in Florida.

The last guys bitch. 

Wakee wakee!

Face tats are forever.

Arrested development.

Nobodys bitch.

Pretty in pink. Ferdinand Weldon Lupperger

Surprise Trip Home

Tim and Carrie married on 9-10-11 (clever) and I made plans for a surprise trip back home in order to attend the festivities in Peoria. I got a pretty good rate on a rental car for the three days and Allegiant was pretty reasonable that week also.

Last Thursday I posted some foods that I had to have when back, and you'll unfortunately have to put up with it again today.

On Friday I went to Mt. Pleasant Iowa, home of the Tigers and West Side Tap, but, sadly, no longer a Phi Delta Theta chapter. Had to have a Jerry's pizza and amazingly that place never changes. Jerry still lives and hopefully has given the recipe to his pizza to a young person who will continue with this must-have treasure. I have never had another like it, and while Davis Bros in Peoria comes close, it can't really compare.

I then returned via Keithsburg and Joy road and remembered a cemetery Mark showed me once. I had time so I thought I'd check it out again. Sadly, I couldn't, bu…

A Last Tribute To Ernie, A BFE Character

Back on February 2nd I posted that a BFE character had passed away the previous November.  His name was Ernie, and I was a perturbed that I couldn't find a picture of him on his bike and I had misplaced a movie I made of him.  Well, I found the movie, and as we approach the 1st anniversary (December 4) of his death it seems fitting that this final tribute video be posted. 

I was only around Ernie 5 times, maybe 6. He'd be riding his bike and need a beer so he'd go over to the NHCC. I was told he was in an auto accident and his cognitive powers had been compromised. I don't know how compromised, I never knew him before. But he was riding bikes now. The bike he rode, and took great pride in, was a kind of home-made contraption which consisted of some actual Hoover vacuum parts. At one time he had duct-taped and plastic-tied his tire to the rim to keep it on.

When he stopped by I did what I normally did at the NHCC and that was to sit back, keep quiet and get educated. I …

Mugshot Monday

Body language says it all.


When you can't do anything with your hair.

Make up or sleepless night?

This used to be called a "mousy" when we were kids.

Rough night.  Notice the support from an officer on her left hand. 

"25" corn rowed on her head. 

Nice mustache.

Lindsay Lohan's father, arrested on October 25th for domestic disturbance.

I kid you not, this kid's name is Richard Tracy.