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Vinoy Redux

Just some Pics from Vinoy Park.  A-G-A-I-N.

Nice keeper from the Bay.  The funny thing about this action is that the girl was the one who took the fish off the hook and re-baited it.  

Best seat in the house.

A friendly wave from an eco freak.

Allegiant jet heading somewhere not quite as nice as the Park is on this day.  

A series of pics showing the crow using his beak to get at some peanuts.

Mom getting her kid's picture.  In a few moments they would trundle on down to where I was sitting and ask me to take their picture.   

I'm thinking about signing on as a crew member on one these ships heading somewhere.  Experience, no.  But I used to have a 14 foot boat at Lake Littlejohn, does that count? 

Close up of the wild parrot that have infested Florida.  Pretty little suckers, but their screech is like fingernails on a blackboard.  

Bay Pines National Cemetery

On Memorial Day a visit to our local Bay Pines National Cemetery seemed appropriate.  Bay Pines is on the grounds of the Veterans Hospital and has approximately 27,000 veteran and family internments.    

At the entrance is the memorial to all branches of the military.  Besides a plaque and flag for the branches there is also a sundial.

"Time will not dim the memory of a grateful nation for those who sacrificed so much to keep our country free."

Marine Corps

Air Force

Coast Guard



Unlike more traditional cemeteries, Bay Pines was redesigned a few years ago and the original marble markers have been imbedded flat into the ground.  I'll leave it up to others to determine which is best for the visitors or more convenient for the groundskeepers.

Casketed remains have ceased here, but ashes are still accepted. 

This one stopped me due to the laughing part.  I guess that's pretty damn important.

Even the long buried are remembered by someone.

Same with this one.  …

A Peek Inside My Vault

I stopped putting pictures in my wallet years ago because they would soon become worn and ruined.  And now you can keep thousands on your cell phone, why weigh yourself down or risk spinal troubles with a thick billfold?  I do, however, keep some stuff permanently in my wallet as these following artifacts attest.  

This was given to me by Rose Medina, Counselor and Probation Officer, Extraordinaire.  She hails from the Hollers of Tennessee but lived in Bushnell, IL and became a lifelong worker for the 9th Judicial Circuit in Knox County.  I was in Swanie's once with Rosita, but I believe Swanie's is no more.  See how little things are important,Rose?  I always liked this because it is a guy at the bottom but hanging around to see what will/could happen next  (the scanner didn't do a very good job, but you get the idea).  I've had it maybe twenty years?  Can't toss it now, can I?

There is a phrase now called "owning it", which pretty much means "if y…

Friday Flashback

It was my honor to be a part of the Patriot Guard Riders when I was in G-Burg.  Born out of the wars in Iraq-Afghanistan and tempered by the insanity of the Whitesboro Baptist Church, the PGR was a big deal and rightly so.  
I was involved in about four escort rides, if memory serves, from the Sterling-Rock Falls area in a hand-off from Chicago riders.  We would assist escorting fallen soldiers back to the local funeral homes.  After that we would stand guard at the venue, followed by an escort to the cemetery.  They were very draining, emotionally difficult and by-and-large I hated those duties.  
But the PGR also welcomed troops and companies back which were very fun.  Celebratory homecomings and everyone would be happy and hugging and crying.  Those were nice.  We also did veterans who had passed away.  Again, appreciable families and nice warm feelings after those.    

Escorting from Sterling was grueling hard work as a biker: always after dark, organizers wanted closed ranks, an…