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Flashback Friday

With all the talk of Judge Kavanaugh's boarding school days, 100 keg quest, drunken parties and possible sexual shenanigans, I thought I'd post a picture of my parents at a fraternity gathering at Monmouth College most likely around graduation.  No, not that they did those kinds of thing.  It was a different time.  I like to think their ornery moments were more of the mischievous type rather than the ones Kavanaugh and his friends partook. This looks more like it could have been a cast photo out of the The Godfather.

Glen (second from right) had returned from the war and resumed his studies and graduated in Spring of 1946.  Marjie, next to him, would quit her studies and go with him to the hometown of his parents, Verne and Orpha, in Seaton, Illinois.  Herb would teach for a year or two at the school there and then help has dad at the grain elevator.  

Now, looking at the picture, one would assume that everyone was a good law-abiding citizen, clean cut, apple of their mother'…

Picture I WIsh I'd Taken

There's a young guy in Aledo named Jordan Clark who is a fantastic photographer.  I wish I had the skills to take a picture like this.  Apparently they were able to get one of the Elders to turn the interior lights on so that would add warmth and color.  In case this church looks familiar it is the Seaton Presbyterian Church.  It was where we learned what we were supposed to as kids, served as  acolytes, became full fledged take-communion members, and Bill Seaton passed gas musically al staccatoostinato as his Mother repeatedly nudged his shoulder, a beat per nudge, as it were.  It was where we loved playing 4 Square after youth meetings.  It was where I married and the place of my dad's funeral service.

It is the place where generations of families have come to "look the upward way".   And this is the photograph a young guy took.  This has the feel of a Flashback Friday but it is not so much about the church as a building as much as it is about the photographic skill…


Northlandia was pretty much cloudy for 2/3rds of the time I was up there.  But I did have a chance to get out the rest of the time and take some night shots.  As usual I'll be posting them off and on.  These shots were taken out at the fairgrounds.  I don't usually post my failures but just wanted you to see what they look like too.  

I'm not sure what happened here but it looks like I accidentally touch the tripod during this 15 second exposure and also caught a bug flying across.  I bought a fancy-ass flashlight to do some light painting but the damn thing is too bright.  It has three settings so I'll have to work on that my next trip up.

Light painting is flashing light on the foreground area or other prominent feature while night shooting.  Sounds easier than it actually is.  I guess most things are.  For me.

Tuesday Tidbits

Just some random thoughts:

My Uncle Ed told me once that he always buys a red pick-up so that his cows would recognize him.  Too bad he didn't know that cows can't see red.  It isn't the red cape that pisses of the bull in bullfighting, it's the movement.

Tanner's Orchard in Speer is the crown jewel of our regional Illinois area.  Annual trip with family requests in hand is always fun.  Go on a weekday day to avoid the riffraff.  As usual the Girls and I made the trek.  Sorry Rose couldn't make it.  Next year.

It scares me that my tenuous hold on Northlandia depends on my 23 year old Ford Ranger pick-up.  She still runs great but cost me a new battery this trip. (Insert crossed fingers emoji here.)

Thanks again to Mark and Holly for hosting me.  They are gracious, generous hosts.  But there is no stopping that dead fish from stinking after three days.  



Before my trip I took these pics of some frogs climbing out of the downspout at the Sinkhole E…

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Back from the Front

After a three week stay in Northlandia, I have returned.  And then I took another week off just because.  Existing In BFE has reassembled its vast staff of editors, writers, investigators, and general office help and today resumes its mission "to entertain, to cajole and to help down that first cup of coffee in the morning."  Oh wow, after almost 10 years a real mission statement.  And to my 6 loyal readers,  I bid you 'welcome back' after the longest break we have ever had.

Give me a day or two to shake the rust off and we'll be humming along like a 1900 cc Yamaha Stratoliner Midnight cruising down the road.  Cycle riding, cabin-in-the-woods 2.0 hunting, roadtrips, sippin' beer, breakfast with the girls, and picture taking.  If you are ready, then let's go.

But first, although this is a linear blog, I want/need to start it all up again with a mystery that happened on my way back to Kitschland.  

Taken from my seat at 6:30 pm Thursday September 13Seat Number…

Fake News

I promised you a new post today but after having returned from Northlandia I just don't feel ready quite yet.  Consider it Fake News.  Laziness? Sure.  Tired of the whole thing? Maybe.  Just need another week to get it together?  Yes. 

While I am here doing nothing, I will fumigate the place and get the staff together for a pep talk.   Rah, rah, and all that.  We'll try again next Monday.

I still gave you a new post today as promised. 

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