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Stormy, Stormy Night

It's the July 4th Weekend and it was a scorcher down here. We had some things to do and met Kenze, Drew and Norah for some shopping and a DQ. When we got home it was a beautiful evening, the pool was too tempting so wandered over for a dip. Out to the South East was a billowing mass of clouds that were pulsating with light.

Quite a light show for the 4th.

This was a very lucky shot.  I just pointed the camera and started shooting every few seconds hoping for this.  And I got it.  In the light area in the upper left hand corner there is a lightning swirl.

Here it is in a cropped close-up.  Who knew bolts went in circles?

Now I suppose you thought sane normal people would get OUT of the pool with lightening and thunder all about.  But my devotion to my readers overwhelmed my good sense and so I kept shooting.  Some of these look different because it was nighttime shooting and I don't know an aperture from an f-stop.  I was putting the camera into all sorts of programs so forgive t…

I Don't Want the Peacock Lamp Anymore

You might remember my fondness for a Peacock lamp that we saw in a furniture store a few days ago. I was quite smitten with it and thought it would be a great item to have, one of those sort of odd things people have that others talk or laugh about. The only thing that kept me from having it was the $600 price tag.

Well, forget about the peacock, I found a better one. Whilst browsing a local 60's-70's antique shop ( and whatever you do don't call it a thrift store! So say the signs) I spotted this little beauty right next to the cash register blinding me with its bright green light with a red bulb in the center. It awakened in me instantly a childhood recollection of a movie, yes, War of the Worlds. And that's what it is, too. Apparently someone named Joey Manic was hired to create modern weird lamps. He did this as a take-off on the alien spacecraft in that film with Gene Barry.

There it sits.  Hefty price tag, too, but not as much as the peacock.  I must have it, bu…


Today we give you, for no particular reason, a double helping of Mugshot Monday.  Maybe because its Irene, or perhaps there are just so many weird stupid criminals in St. Pete.  Anyway, today is BOGO day for the blog.

Mugshot Monday

Offense : Threw A Deadly Missile Into/at Within Occupied Vehicle.  Whoa 

How much is that doggie in the window...?

I thought this was a guy with weird hair.  Turns out the guy's name is Traci.

Bad hair day. Uh scratch that, bad hair year.

This 80 year old was arrested for sexual battery.  Perv. Perv with big ears.

Arrested for "inhalation of dangerous substance."  Looks like we caught him too late.

Your getting sleepy...

Mean looking dude.

Whole body art.

I don't know what they are, but they do look nice.  Wouldn't that hurt?

The definition of "craggy-faced."

Mugshot Monday - Hair Edition

Once again we bring you St. Pete's criminal element too stupid to get away with whatever they were doing. Drugs, battery/assault and intoxication seem to be the prevalent offenses. These pictures are posted in the St. Petersburg Times and I provide this for your amusement and security.

Besides the beads this young felon has a star tattooed to his forehead, shaved eyebrows and those popular tear drop tats.  Fetching. 

She loved "Roots".



...uhm, maroon?.

Half and half.


Looks like a giant black Widow spider.

Nice Mohawk, not to be confused with Mulhawk, which is what a certain member of the fam had for a while. 

              Nice little blonde mohawk, and lots of interesting ink work. 

Interesting attempt.  You aren't done with the attempt are ya?

                      This guy has a 'hawk AND one of those lizard back "do's".  I have to tell ya, those lizard spiky thingies that were big drove me crazy.  All I coulod s…

Flashback Friday - Mr. Blythe Goes To Washington

In July between High School graduation and my entry as a freshman at Iowa Wesleyan I went with Seaton buddy Ivan Ewing to visit Civil War battlefields and Washington DC.   Ivan was a big CW buff and I'd never been anywhere so off we went.  It was right after our last softball game of the summer.  While much is blurred now by time I do recall going to Gerald Ford's Congressional office and telling some staffer I was from Kalamazoo in order to gain an audience.  I was told he was back home, so I struck out there.  I also remember thinking Pennsylvania was beautiful. 

No fancy camera in those days.  This is a non-zoom picture so you get an idea of how far away you are when you see the White House from this angle.

I am atop the Washington monument.  This is the Jefferson Memorial.

Another shot from the Washington memorial.  You can see part of the Mall and the Capitol Building.

The Washington Memorial.  I can't remember much about the more mundane aspects of the trip like price of…