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Mugshot Monday

Offense : Threw A Deadly Missile Into/at Within Occupied Vehicle.  Whoa 

How much is that doggie in the window...?

I thought this was a guy with weird hair.  Turns out the guy's name is Traci.

Bad hair day. Uh scratch that, bad hair year.

This 80 year old was arrested for sexual battery.  Perv. Perv with big ears.

Arrested for "inhalation of dangerous substance."  Looks like we caught him too late.

Your getting sleepy...

Mean looking dude.

Whole body art.

I don't know what they are, but they do look nice.  Wouldn't that hurt?

The definition of "craggy-faced."


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I heard about a car show in Clearwater a couple weeks ago so I decided to go.  But how to go and avoid all the traffic and parking problems that would be inevitable?  The traffic down here is pretty rough going even without the snowbirds.    

This is a map of the Pinellas Trail, a bike and pedestrian walkway that stretches all the way from downtown St. Pete all the way up to Tarpon Springs.  When I was living at Shawshank I'd hop on the bicycle, take a short three or four block ride up to the Trail and bike across to the Trop to catch a Rays game.  
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