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Mike's Deserted Island Songs - Part 3

Back Again with another of Mike's favorites.  You know the routine, so let's get going.
 Harry Chapin     A Better Place To Be

 I saw Harry in Davenport in concert and will always feel lucky since he died a year later.  Harry's songs were mini-movies in 5 minutes.  A true storyteller, most of his songs came out of true events he read about or experienced.  Listen to this one and I guarantee you'll choke down a mental tear.  Harry is forgotten and his music is not in vogue anymore, but for a few years he was a god.  Playing half of his dates for free (Or World Hunger Organization) he was a troubadour, a throwback to an earlier time.  Video lurches every so often so just slide the bar forward to get it going again.   Not a gifted singer, his voice was a bit strained on some notes, but damn, he could tell a good story.  Pure heart stuff here, folks.

  Procol Harum
      A Whiter Shade of Pale

Classic song that is Bach-like in its soaring organ riffs, this one is operatic an…

Sunken Gardens - Part 3

We will end our stay at the renowned Sunken Gardens today with some more pictures of the place.  It is a nice leisurely walk amongst flora (and some fauna), koi ponds, and pretty cool landscaping.  In the heart of town, it is a nice way to get away from it all.  What they need, however, is a beer cart or Bloody Mary wagon to help parched wanderers navigate the place.   

There is someone's hand to give you perspective on the size of these guys.  

Setting up for a wedding party later in the day.

Someone sprinkling flower petals on the tables.  This would be a stunning place for a wedding and reception.  
Well that's it.  St. Petersburg's Sunken Gardens is a must-see for folks who like a quiet unrushed walk amongst beautiful flowers, trickling ponds and creeks.

Sunken Gardens - Part 2

Welcome back and just like yesterday, I'll be still and you can tour on your own. I may comment of something here and there, but otherwise just ignore me hovering over your shoulder.

Monster koi and carp that were three or four times the size of ours back in G-Burg.

Can't see it very well but there was a huge turtle under this log.

Tangled roots everywhere.

Well, just one more day and you can all go about your way.  Class dismissed today but be back bright and early for the final day of the World Famous Sunken Gardens.

Sunken Gardens - Part 1

OK, St. Petersburg's Sunken gardens wasn't exactly on the top of the list for things I wanted to do. I used to have a back yard full of flowers, 3 ponds, landscaping and such. Granted, nothing on the Sunken Garden's scale but pretty neat anyway. But, the girls had hinted endlessly so I said, sure, let's go.  And you know, it far surpassed my feeble expectations.  It isn't a local famous landmark for nothing.  It is a pretty neat place and I will devote a three postings to it this week.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the Sunken Gardens.

Ever seeking the spotlight, your loyal blogger hogs the welcome sign.

The newlyweds posing. 

The opening pond area that gets you ready for a spectacular splash of color and meandering streams.

Norah's first visit.

"two roads diverged in a yellow wood..."

I think I'll just shut up and let you walk and enjoy by yourself.  Unless, of course, I find it necessary to say something.

I know you have better things to do, so go ahead…