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Flashback Friday

Well look what we have here.  Prom time at the Blythe residence.  Our fireplace was a nice place for casual to semi formal photos.  Pictured here, of course is a somewhat shy writer of your blog and his effervescent daughter.  Proms have always been a bit of a gateway to adulthood.  As for me, I have designated my time on this planet B.K. (Before Kenzie) and A.K.  She may have been her Mother's daughter but there was always enough sunshine from that personality to keep me pretty warm as well.

On the wall in the upper right is a photo I took of Kenzie in Uncle Ed's lap back across the street on Grove.  Ed was the M & M man to our kids.  he seemed to always have a bag when he stopped over.  Just over my shoulder is a picture of Marj and Herb at their wedding.  And over the mantle is the painting of our house.  

I didn't realize then as I was standing dutifully, and proudly, as some strange teenage boy whisked my daughter off out into the night, but this was the first scena…

The Moon and Saturn

Up early in Emerald City.  I had read somewhere that the Moon and Saturn were dancing this morning so I went and took some pictures.  These were take at the UFO landing site over by the Grind and then going back into town looking west.  

The lens flare in the third shot is included simply because it looks otherworldly as does the 4th shot.  It was getting late and the sun was coming up which always means the end to the stars.  It doesn't mean the end to picture taking, however, as many photographers will take advantage of the two golden hours we have per day:  that time in the morning and evening when the sun puts a gold tint on things.

Alpha Car Show -Part 3

I'm sorry to all of you who just simply don't care about old cars.  Today's post may further enhance your angst, but then maybe it will be something you like.  We return to Alpha's 10th Annual Show that was held on May 6th.  
The cars featured to day were not made in an assembly line by a major manufacturer.  Oh, bits and pieces of them were, but the package you see today are put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  

An inestimably accurate name for this mish-mash of borrowed steel.  I suppose there is a niche of car lovers who may be moderately interested in this monstrosity, but not me.  I think it would serve a better purpose as a door knob.

Tuesday Tidbits

The Cabin in the Woods is in a hiatus state at the moment.  I have contacted Allegiant Air and they will be happy to bring me back in about 30 days, more or less, for the second half of the 2017 Summer Tour.  Gas up the Jeep, Wombie,  I've got a ticket to ride!


I include this short video on how to build an igloo.  It may be a bit short on details but is long on cold.   (Looks like the saw is used to cut cantilevered so blocks are placed against each other with gravity.)  Brrr.  Six months from today all the Christmas hoopla will be over.


Something happened when last we met.  It officially became Summer.


"I have a very good brain and I have said a lot of things.  My primary consultant is myself and I have, you know,  I have a good instinct for this stuff."  March 16, 2016

"My uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump MIT, good genes, very good genes, okay, very smart, Wharton School of Finance, very good, very s…

Scenes Of Northlandia

Northlandia in Black and White, And Some Color

This may be my favorite.  This is a small hillside cemetery just east of New Windsor and west of Alpha.   An old wrought iron gate opening is all that is left of what must have been like iron all around this acreage.  The symbolism and irony is striking.  

This is Emerald City's library, in day and nighttime.  (Thirst for knowledge nevers sleeps.) It was built in 1915 by a Carnegie grant. The Andrew Carnegie Foundation built 1,628 free public libraries in the U.S.  Grant monies were usually around $10,000 to cities and villages across the country.  Towns had to prove they wanted one, and had to provide the land for the structure.   A surprising number still exist - many have been remodeled but many have not.  Having been inside this one, my guess is this is the original layout.  Aledo is lucky to have it.

This is the old Northside school.  They bussed us Seaton kids over to this Junior High when I was a kid.  Now it is empty.  I recall g…

Flashback Friday

Its funny.  My parents, Marj and Herb, have been gone 22 and 19 years, respectively.  And yet I see them often.  In my dreams.  I can't say that I have vivid ones, nor do I remember them every morning.  But every so often it would seem I awake with dreams so real that it takes a few seconds to shake the memory away and bring me to my senses.  Just the other day I awoke to having done something admirable, downright sacrificial for a guy I despised at the Mary where I used to work.  Its nice to know I can be a nice guy -- in another dimension.

Today's Flashback is a photo of my folks.  Herb has his suit jacket and tie in his hands with the car keys.  Must have been to some formal function, but I can't imagine where.   In looking at the picture I don't even know where they are.  At first I thought it was the front yard of the Seaton homestead, but we didn't have a little tree there and looks like there are sidewalks, and we didn't have those either.  Mysteries.  Ma…

Alpha Car Show - Part 2

Readers who don't give two hoots (or even one) for old cars will be disappointed that, once again, we are featuring a post from the Alpha Car show on May 6th.  
Between talking with Ed and walking with Neighbor Tim, I took some pics of things that caught my eye.  The real hit was my t-shirt, however.  Santa brought me one that has "Just One More Car.  I Promise." on the front with two crossed fingers on the back.  I got no fewer that 5 comments on my apparel and 2 on my car.  

I'm not all that big on pre '50's cars but I liked this layout on the front of this old Plymouth.  I have no idea if this is original but having two large chrome horns taking up space on the front seems excessive but aggressive, too.  See that amber light on the lower right?  That certainly is a newer add-on,  so the originality of this car is really in question.

Hood ornaments used to mean something symbolically for the auto.  They began as very fancy items that meant to display grace, sp…

Pictures I Wish I Had Taken

Another series of photos I have found on the internet that I wish I had taken.  They have been ripped off shamelessly and my staff legal team wants me to tell you that I did not take these and that credit should be given to those who did, whoever they are.

Some of these have been pumped up with Photoshop, but they are still quite nice and often step over into the field of art rather than photos.  Always, always have your camera or cellphone with you.