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Tuesday Tidbits

I saw this recently somewhere on the wide world webs.  This is called ball lightening.  Consider my balls impressed.  


Nice to hear Harry Chapin's Cats In the Cradle used for a new Ameritrade commercial.  It is a sweet collage of parents with a new born, parents with other aged kids throughout.  Vignettes of baby-pampering, cuddling, fishing, baseball and all that nice stuff.  Nice slow ballad.  Good ad.  What folks may not remember is that song turns darkly sad and tragic at the end.


"Let me tell you.  I'm a really smart guy."  March 17, 2011

"Sorry losers and haters.  My I.Q. is one of the highest - and you all know it!"  May 8. 2013

"It's, like, super genius stuff."

"Look, if I were a liberal Democrat, people would say I was the super genius of all time.  Of all time."  


Best American comedian ever.  W.C. Fields is close, tho.


Adventures In Babysitting

The cartoon above imitated reality this past week.  I took my two clients to the Waterboard pool and shortly after the below video Alfred smacked me with that damn snorkel. It drew blood and Norah was sort of panicked.  I'm tough, tho, and decided the water was a better time-killer than the apartment.

Norah, being the kind heart she is, decided that playtime was over and that we needed to get back home to tend to my bloody nose.  I told her I was fine and that playtime was the main objective, not my welfare.  It is that type of sacrifice that separates my daycare from others.    

Not all is sweetness and light.  Alfred is sometimes on edge and when me or my staff do not immediately take care of her needs she is willing to debase herself to call attention to what she wants.  All in a day's work, folks.   

Life is hard.  Cope.


Remember a few weeks ago I wrote about a fantasy of finding something really neat and cool and rare in a barn somewhere?  Came across this picture of an early Corvette, stashed in a shed.  Now this is what I'm talking about.   I would literally piss myself if I found something like this is Northlandia.  And then how I'd approach the owner of the barn.


Strange But True:  getting yelled at by a woman at Wal-Mart in her car as we are in pedestrian walkway.  She thought we shot out in front of her.  She was going to fast and apparently didn't want to slow down for us.n Geez, Wal-Mart shoppers.  Double Geez, Wal-mart.  


I gained 7 lbs. in Northlandia.  Lost three of them already.


The Met's season is over.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that my fantasy baseball team, the Fighting Flamingoes is in first and ahead now by 27 games.  It's a rout!  Go Pink! 


Navigating the water sprinkler systems.  On Sundays and Mondays I walk around the city block instead of going to the gym in the early morning hours.  Most places water their lawns or businesses at that time.  Places I have to be careful are Largo Police and Municipal Building area, the Hampton Inn,  the Madison Apartments and here, at Waterboard.  


My Three Fathers

Jason, Phillip and Courtney, enjoying Father's Day at Phil's place in Port Byron.


Five Guys

This is mostly for those of you not familiar with the burger chain Five Guys.  I hadn't heard of them until I was exiled to Kitschland.  Great burgers and fries - but bring your extra credit card.  This was my Father's Day gift.  


On my walk I took a picture of Missouri and East Bay intersection.  One of the busiest around here.   This shows you how early I'm out walking.   This was at 3:40 am yesterday morning.


Also on my walk I pass by a car mechanic.  This sweet '85 Oldsmobile Toronado Caliente was parked out in front.  Beautiful example of an otherwise uninspired mid-80's Detroit.

That's all for today.  


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