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Alpha Car Show - Part 2

Readers who don't give two hoots (or even one) for old cars will be disappointed that, once again, we are featuring a post from the Alpha Car show on May 6th.  

Between talking with Ed and walking with Neighbor Tim, I took some pics of things that caught my eye.  The real hit was my t-shirt, however.  Santa brought me one that has "Just One More Car.  I Promise." on the front with two crossed fingers on the back.  I got no fewer that 5 comments on my apparel and 2 on my car.   

I'm not all that big on pre '50's cars but I liked this layout on the front of this old Plymouth.  I have no idea if this is original but having two large chrome horns taking up space on the front seems excessive but aggressive, too.  See that amber light on the lower right?  That certainly is a newer add-on,  so the originality of this car is really in question.

Hood ornaments used to mean something symbolically for the auto.  They began as very fancy items that meant to display grace, speed or artistry.  Today they don't even exist, but once, they were works of art.  Check some out on Ebay today and you'll have to pay up to a thousand or more for the fancier ones.  For a short while, Pontiac even had one that lit up when you turned the headlights on.  

Stylized Plymouth grill insignia.

American Motors grill insignia.

Classic triangular Chevy truck speedometer and dash. 

This old 40's Ford wanted to tell all your neighbors that you had a V-8 engine under the hood.   

One of the old car show circuit regulars Chuck Anderson and his rumble seated Ford.   It's about the only one around anymore.  The car is beginning to need some maintenance but I think Chuck is just going to ride it out.   See the rear window rolls down?  When asked what it was like to ride in a rumbler. he stated, "Windy."

A nice old original 56 Chevy truck but I don't remember any of them having wide whites.

My passion remains with 60s cars.  You could tell what they were from a mile away.  In fact, the Wombie and I as kids would turn backwards in the rear seat and guess what style the car was behind us.  We were usually right.  Nothing else on the road looked like a Buick, or Studebaker, or Pontiac.

A nice original.  If you don't believe it just read the windshield.

Another once of those farm workhorse pick-ups with wide whitewall tires.  Of course, the Fleetside was a classier looking truck, so I suppose it is possible.

I had a long chat with the owner of this 1951 Mercury.  He went to extraordinary lengths to keep his car original and it was a very, very nice car.  I liked this one a lot.  

Our final car of the day is this 1974 American Motors Javelin SST, perhaps the best looking AMC vehicle ever designed by them.  Those fender bulges, the sleek front reminiscent of the early Camaros.  This is likely as close to classic muscle poor AMC ever got - even when they were still alive we all knew their stuff was junk.  Yeah, I had a Pacer, but it was  junk, too.  It was so junky it was destroyed by a cow.  But that's a story for another day.  

There would be another car show in a couple weeks and you'll be lucky enough to learn all about that day, too, but only if you come back to this site.  


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