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Dive! Dive!

I'm still fascinated by this bird.  The pelican is one of the ugliest birds in the animal kingdom.  Just my opinion, of course.  Until they get in the air, then they are somewhat majestic.  Ungainly, awkward and stiff out of water, they become prehistoric-looking masters of the wind when cruising aloft.  Flying usually solo, but sometimes in groups with the timing, symmetry and grace of the Blue Angels.  This post is devoted to their other unique trick, diving head first into the water in search of lunch.  

Target acquired.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize!



Dive! Dive!


Got it!

Sometimes Your Target Moves.

Locked on target.

Dive Dive!


Damn! I lost it!

Inane Inanities

1.  This picture is astounding on many levels.

WARNING. POLITICAL RANT.  DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE FAR RIGHT, FAR LEFT OR OTHERWISE EAILY RILED BY POLITICAL DISCOURSEPerhaps you saw this on the news.  Longtime Senator Danial Inoye died and just-as-long Senator Bob Dole is saluting him.  But did you know that they met while  convalescing for woulds received from action in World War II?  Dole lost the use of his arm and Inoye lost a leg.  They were in the same room in the hospital and vowed they would enter public life and do good for people.

Well, they sure did, didn't they.  Dole is usually confined to a wheelchair these days but stood to salute remarking, "I don't want him to see me in that chair."  One was a Republican, the other a Democrat.  Both friends for life doing good, on opposite sides of the aisle.  This is the kind of people we need to elect to Congress.  Therefore I am launching my new national campaign called KTBO.  Kick The Bums Out.  Why should we be sati…

Night Moves

Arising early and heading downtown is one of my favorite pastimes.  I go to Demen's landing to take pictures of the city skyline and then move over to get Vinoy for sunrise shots.  Today's trip was a little different than usual, however.  As I will explain a little later.    

Demen's Landing consists of a park, playground, picnic area and public marina.  Looking out over the Bay one sees distant lights, to the right the Alfred Whitted Airport, and to the left the Pier.  If one turns around, then one sees this view, which is the place boaters put their craft into the water.  This dock is just next to it.   

I don't want to be boastful, but these are beautiful pictures courtesy of my new camera.  Today, I got here a little early.  Too early, apparently for the local authorities.  It wasn't long before a truck pulled up and wanted to know what I was doing.  Since I had a camera and tripod I was tempted to say "Just trying to get a little fishing in before the su…

BFE Reporter Monday


Today's submission are these stunning pictures taken at the  Galesburg Hot Air Balloon races this year.  I'm not sure how this even is funded anymore but a few years ago it was subsidized by local businesses.  This is where I won an opportunity to take a hot-air balloon ride courtesy my employer at the time, Dick Blick.  These pictures are part of the dusk balloon lighting event.  
Sometimes pictures take your breath away, and these certainly qualify.  Without a doubt, these are the best, most artistic and technically beautiful pictures I think we've ever had on BFE.  I'd like to thank Anonymous for sharing them with us, and sure hope you grace us with your artistry again.