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2012 Summer Tour - Day 4

Today we were supposed to ride to Peoria, but en route from Wataga to G-Burg it began raining pretty hard and Tim had an electrical problem with his bike. We pulled into the Harley place and the fix was going to take an hour or so to fix, so we called the day off.

Calling off our bike ride led to a free day and a trip to Aledo, where I discovered the Wombie was taking the afternoon off, and, gee, wanna go to Ponemah and finish our larceny?  Never a quitter I quickly agreed and off we go again to the big block buildings that housed mementos from our grandfather's once-upon-a-time pride and joy.  Oh, uh, Mark, think that Sawz-All will get the job done this time?  Well, yes, thank you, very much.  The plate above the door on Building 6 and the front of the fuse box are now missing from the buildings and safely in the hands of family, where they will be preserved for future generations.  

Coming back from Ponemah Mark wound around a country route that took us back to the old school …

2012 Summer Tour - Day 3

Day three is largely a free day except for a trip in to Blick to talk to Annette about a job opening I heard about.  I am meeting Pat at 4:00 at the Brickyard to have an unbreaded tenderloin and a Bloody Mary, then over to BFE Community Center to discuss the week's rides.  

This picture was taken by Sherry Godsil.
I learned from Sherry and Jen that my old Fed Ex job is opening up and I wanted to check in to see if they would add any more hours from the 15 hour a week it is now, which is less than when I worked it.  I had a nice chat with Annette, my old boss and she said she'd love to have me back.   

Before leaving Aledo this morning, I stopped at McDonald's for a cup of coffee and get wired to see what was happening in the world (along with my fantasy baseball league).  This is what greeted me as I stepped out of the transportation conveyance.

Later on that day, after I returned, we were going to take Miss Maddy for a walk but needed to get some gas.  Saw this hot rod at the…

2012 Summer Tour - Day 2

Mark has decided to take the day off so we make plans for fun and adventure.  We have our coffee, and decide to travel South.  Holly has heard there is a place near Roseville that sells bread.

The place she has heard is an Amish enclave that has moved into the Roseville area and they sell their produce at the Farmer's Market and small shop adjacent to their home.  Outside two men dressed in traditional Amish garb are sitting in a sing.  Running around are two kids, a girl and boy.  She has the long dress and bonnet, the boy has the suspenders, pants and flat brim hat.  Sorry, no pics, it just didn't feel right.  
We enter the store and find all kinds of interesting things, but Holly has her eyes on the bread.  No Rye, as Holly questions the young rosy-cheeked girl repeatedly manning the counter.  But hey we do have white, wheat and cinnamon swirl.  We can't take them yet because they are in the oven.  We have an hour to wait till the bread is ready so we decide to go to Pon…