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Flashback Friday - Only Campaign Rally I Ever Went To

When I was a student at Denver working on my Masters, I went to a political rally for Arizona Rep. Mo Udall. He was running against Jimmy Carter for the Democratic Presidential nomination and I liked his politics, his presentation, and his humor. Of course, he never made it, coming in second throughout the primaries and eventually dropped out at the convention. As a 30 year congressman he was influential and did a great deal for the environmental issues. It was a warm Spring Colorado day on the grassy campus of the University of Denver.  I don't remember it being a large crowd, but we were still pretty pumped he was there.  Not only did I go to the rally, but also shook hands with him and informed him boastfully that "Illinois is behind you." Turns out he received 0% in Illinois.
A funny, thoughtful, one-eyed man, he came in second in some primaries, but eventually, he lagged far behind Carter, so that's what we got for 4 years. At least with Mo we might have had a …

Mish-Mash Vids

This And That...Again

Johnny Appleseed at Sunset Beach?

A startlingly scary advertisement back in the 20's.  Imagine something like this today. 

Saw this somewhere. Funny, and in some cases likely true.  But not in my case.   

                                   Poor stupid Mark.  Trying to cozy up to a dog that will never love you.

Down To the Sea

Quick bicycle trip to the Bay to check out the sights. Actually it was a pretty quiet day. No bums in the picnic shelters, no planes practicing their landings and take-offs.

Nice cloud formation in the Bay.

And like a duck and its hatchlings, here comes the St. Pete Boat club having a summer practice.

On My Kindle

I try to read daily and although I like a wide range of topics, unlike music, I am presently devoting most of my time to fiction. The books I have read recently and my grade follow.

Really nice Civil War story of two Massachusetts teens joining the Union forces and ending up at Gettysburg.  The relationship between the two brothers is explored as is the black woman who tends to their home and widowed father. If I were an emotional sort who laughed outloud or cried when reading (I don't) I would have cried with this one.  A-

Story of a plane that crashes and the ensuing investigation.  Stock characters, stock bad guys, not even worth taking to the beach.  D+

Latest sailing maritime story by S. Thomas Russell.  It continues the story of Captain Charles Hayden and the adventures of the HMS Themis.  I haven't a clue as to why I like this stuff.  I am somewhat embarrassed but it certainly helps put me to sleep at night. B

This was my first Sci-Fi futuristic vampire/creature book and w…

Mugshot Monday

Horns?  What horns.

I like making hash marks on my eyebrows.  I have no idea why.

I'm a gang banger and proud to put it on my face.

It seems appropriate that this multi-haired lady would be wearing shirt with peace signs.

This this guys ever had a broken nose?

Odd hair coloring scheme. 

Mugshot Monday - Tough Lady Edition

Battery On Health Service Personnel

OK, so they aren't all tough.  This one is about to crack.

Flashback Friday - Me And Tennyson

Gee Mom and Dad, I'm a published poet! Back at Iowa Wesleyan the campus English literati printed a booklet of winning entries annually. It is the called Design.  Students and faculty would submit their poems, haikus or whatever and a judging panel would include them in the year's latest Design.  
I don't know how I found out about it other than perhaps fliers about campus.  Anyway, I submitted a poem and guess what, they included it in that year's edition.  I wish Iwould have considered it as big a deal as the school did.  They sent a letter to the folks telling them what an honor it was, and even asked me to join them on a certain day and read my poem to as assembled group of winners and their families.  I declined.   Shyness?  Maybe.  At the time I just don't think I wanted to.  Somehow, looking back on it, I kind of wish I had.

Anyway, here is the cover of the Design and my entry.  By the way, must not have been too big of a deal, they misspelled one of my words…

Early Morning Beach Walk

"MY NAME Joshua Robinson"  It won't last, of course, but we all have an instinctual need to be recognized, to leave our selves where he have trod.  Interesting treatise that I'll have to explore one day, but not today.

I absolutely have no idea what this was.  I've never seen it before on the beach:  little balls of something??  Anyone? Anyone?  Beuller? 

We see these guys swimming in the Gulf real close inside the waves every once in a while.  This one's swimming days are over. 

My walking companion.

This is an architectural feature in the apartment.  It is an island of sorts with an indentation.  

It contains sand from the beach, and items retrieved from beach exploring.  Sort of a beach away from the beach.  

Full Of Sound and Fury...Signifying Nothing

(Picture taken by Jeff Sutor)

I have an old friend, we started working together at the Mary within weeks of each other, named Jeff Sutor who I admired as a co-worker, and enjoyed as a friend until he ran off to a better pension. As it so often goes, although I'd run into him and his wife Carol on occasion, our interactions were few after his hiring at the prison. He is back in the picture as I met them down here in St. Pete last winter, and he is helping me with a couple of projects in gulag Henderson during my rehab exile. He recently posted a picture on Facebook with the caption, "Is this legal." Jeff always looked at things just a millimeter different than the rest of us, to his credit, and our amusement.
(picture not mine)

Brendan and Norah. Aw, ain't that sweet?

You see, one of my problems was my Mother was a stickler for English. If you said, "Where at?" she'd reply, "Behind the at." Me too, I never really ever got that except supposedly …