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Flashback Friday - Hippies Like America, Too

News and Notes as we slide into the 4th of July week.  This site, technically Blogger, has been giving me fits for some time now.  I was going to move over to Wordpress but its too damn complicated.  I may have to start from scratch with anew Blogger address, so stay tuned.  The problem is mostly the text - often times it reverts to a black type that becomes unreadable because of the black background.  Whenever you see the purple or red text, then you know I have had trouble.  I will experiment with some new layouts next week to see if I can eliminate the problem.
Secondly, the next few posts will be repeats, because like some of you, I am taking the 4th week off.  No, I will still be diapering and herding, but I will take a break from posting.  I'll be back on the 9th of July with lots of cool stuff. (Geez, shameless tease.  C'mon, Blythe, tell 'em you got nothin'.)  Just because they are repeats doesn't mean they are worth turning you nose up at them.  So, have a …

Happy Retirement, Rose

Over on the far right is Rose.  Rose started after I did at the Mary and was one of my favorite people to work with.  If I had to build a personality that was warm, open, funny, strict when necessary, calming when appropriate, it would be Rose.  With most people I have to worry a bit about saying something stupid or not being quick or funny.  But not when I'm around Rose.  I seem to always be at my wittiest with her because she is easy, real easy to be around.  That is a testament to her ability to relate and to make you feel like the most important person in the room.  She was a youth counselor and is now, at least for one more day, a juvenile probation officer for Knox County.  

When I first knew her she was just out of college and interned with us at Mary Davis. I've been around a lot of interns and usually they are more drag than delight. Rose was all delight. When I walked in to work every shift I first found out who I was working with. Days off, switches, and sickness…


Tuesday Tidbits

If you are not interested in a bunch of stuff that may be offensive or political, then stick your head in the sand and move your ass toward the wind.

On first blush this seems kind of cool, but then on second, maybe not so much.  In artistic terms, and back in my cowboy days, it would have been a nice accessory at Judge Bean's bar and courthouse.  But on the practical, why holster your beer?  Just keep it in your hand and drink, or, if need be, on top of your head or your armpit as you use the facilities.  You certainly can't ride a Harley with it, it would spill.  So, on third and final blush, don't buy me one of these for Christmas - besides I have a Yamaha.


Mother nature is one sick bitch.  Anything you can dream up, she has already created.  Man oh man, it's tough out there.


Here at Sinkhole Estates, or Death Valley, if you prefer, they are having a cookout on the 4th.  While I'd rather be at NH, and will be next summer, I think I…

Belle of the Balls

A couple of days before leaving for Northlandia the current Mrs. Blythe and I attended a plant and outdoor festival in St. Pete.  Everyone brings their wagon to buy potted stuff and yard ornaments.  We forgot the wagon but brought Whizzbang instead.  

I'm not all that hepped up for crowds but this is a special fair and I'd tackle my apprehensions any day for a 3 or 4 hour browse at this place.  Just lots of cool stuff and fun to browse all the vendor tents and stands.  There is even one of those enclosed tents teeming with butterflies.       

Whizz was a hit with everyone.  We couldn't move 5 feet without people coming over and asking about her, what kind, how old, and what's the name?  

Patiently I'd say half Aussie and half Black Mouth Cur.  She's about 10 weeks old, and her name is Whizbang.  Over and over and over.  One woman said, "Well, maybe she'll over come the name.  I don't like it."  I knew then that that was her name.  Whizzbang means…

Flashback Friday

Todays Flashback picture is probably from "who the Hell knows'.  Early 90's?  On the right is the current Mrs. Blythe, barely visible because of the lighting.  That beauty on the right is Mrs. Wombie.  The setting: the back porch of the old home in Seaton.  One of the ongoing seasonal tasks Herb undertook was to put plastic on the screening so this place could continue to be a hub year around.   This was likely a Christmas get-together.  The current Mrs. Blythe appears to be trying to keep warm and Mrs. Wombie is clad in a comfy heavy sweater.  It was the place to go smoke or simply get away from the hubbub.  Thus the kind of glowering looks when someone comes bounding down the steps to take a snapshot.

There isn't much more to say about this second in time except that Mrs. Blythe is wearing a snappy black dress with coral colored roses.  One of my favorites.  Oh, and one other thing.  See those gallon milk jugs on the table in the back?  Those contain popcorn.  One of…

A Piece of my Mind

Family separation is all the rage right now.  You wanna know what makes a rage?  Usually something so immoral or so great that people tend to wake up to its evilness or its goodness.  In this case it's the bad side.  But that's just me, I can't speak for Trumpers.

My buddy Danny back in Emerald City as had the enviable opportunity to visit Auschwitz.  He told me it is a silent somber place as befitting the horrendous crimes that were perpetrated.  People are quiet as they walk inside those walls of torture and death.

Trump blames Democrats.  False.  McConnell defends all things Trump.  Jefferson Beauregard Sessions of Alabama, seeming unencumbered by matters of conscience and forever striving to stay in Trumps good graces, spouts the same Biblical passage we used for slavery and the Germans used for Jewish extermination.  He said, "I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordaine…


The pictures featured this week and on subsequent weeks were done in one night, my last night in Northlandia last trip.  These were taken at one of my favorite spots on the outskirts of Emerald City.  If they look familiar to past pics, well, they should.  It means I've been here before and you are paying attention.  I also took some from the Country Club and they will be posted soon.  As always, the night sky and nighttime mood is what I am looking for.     

Tuesday Tidbits

Once again a collection of stuff that I find interesting or provocative.  Believe it or not, I don't care.  At the corner of the road heading west to North Henderson is a house that has junk all around it.  They put a sign in the front yard once, "If you don't like it, don't look."  Same goes here.   


The familiar voiceover for the Lincoln MKX implores us, in quiet tones, to not  "mistake serenity for weakness."  Gee, Matthew McConaughey, do you even act anymore?  And, by the way, thanks for that tip.  I confuse serenity for weakness all the time.  What a dick-lick script that is.  Who talks like that, and when was the last time someone told you they mistook serenity for weakness? 



We are a full-service blog - nature and all that.  


Whizzbang aka Dumbstruck the Wonder Pup

Has been in trouble for a while now.  She has begun to eat the coffee table.  

Stan, our neighbor, came over and showed me his arm after pl…

Scenes From Northlandia - Part 1

Random scenes from my last visit to Northlandia.

I used to love auctions.  Back in the day we would go every once in a while.  I stopped to see my SIL and she was heading over to an auction in Emerald City.  I didn't catch auction fever but it was nice to be at one again, and with quite nice company, too.

This is a view of the tree-decimated Oak View Country Club.  They were planting three trees while we drove by, but it will never be the same.

My favorite picnic table in Mercer County, in front of the old Tastee Freeze.  It's now called Bowlyou's, I think, but it will always be the TF to me.

Sign on the Joy water tower.  Wonder how many coats of paint have been sprayed on this?

Rafters.  See the mistake?

A delivery truck pulled up at Bowlyou's Restaurant.  I was impressed by the company's having survived since 1873.  Not many can claim such longevity.

While at Wal-Mart I noticed these adapters.  Same packaging, same product.  But the ones on the left were 10 cents higher…