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Mugshot Monday

Living the life of a criminal is tough on the body.

Don't screw with Bay Area cops, they've lost some brothers the past year or so.

I originally thought this person was a guy, but was surprised to find that he is a she.

Another badge of honor to brag about at the saloon.

Mr. Clarence Combover.

Whoa.  Long night.

If I close my eyes people won't see me.

Hey, Officer, got an extra donut?

Nature hates a void.

Sometimes brevity is the soul of wit.

Do not go gentle into that bad baldness. 


Human pipecleaner.


Mugshot Monday Halloween Edition Double Post


Love your hair.  I kind of have the same thing going, only with varying shades of gray.

Pretty scary tattooing around this time of year.

Must have left his teeth at home.

More face tattoos but pretty tame compared to the guy above.

Long neck fellow.

Looks like this guy lost.

Just because you dressed as a zombie for Halloween doesn't mean you can go around assaulting people.  

A cautionary tale for Halloween: don't dress up, drink and then drive. 

One Day Till Halloween Weekend

Two Days Till Halloween Weekend

Five Days Till Halloween Weekend

Flashback Friday - Getting Bigger

Looks like Marj baked a cake.  The twins are wearing shorts so probably not our birthday.  Phil looks like he is ready to eat, too.  This was taken in the new Seaton home which Marj designed herself.  

Christmas and looks like Michael got a Burp Gun.  Of course this was before the time parents were skittish about such toys.  However, I do recall I never got, nor did any of the sibs, a BB gun.  I'm certain it was on my list for a few years until I got the message ~ Santa didn't engage in arms selling at our house.  Notice the large picture window right behind Grandfather Dick: it was painted in acrylics to resemble a church stained glass.  Some of her homemade cards will be featured in December on this blog.

Don't know where this was taken but Mark   and I were pros at posing for Marj's camera.  Reminds me of a painful memory of me playing with the camera while the parents were gone around Christmas time.  I apparently erased all of the card pictures for that year.  I reme…


Recent news revealed that a 4 arced rainbow had finally been photographed. I could only get a double recently. Perhaps not the most exciting post ever, but I just want to make sure my army of readers was exposed to all of nature's wonders. I know you guys want more ghost pictures out by the Sutors, or maybe Sharks in the bay, but for today, rainbows will have to do.

OK, so had enough of nature's wonders?  Everyone is dismissed and you have all been very patient.

Random Pics

The "Goose" getting ready for halloween.

Sins of the Fathers

More sins.

A great meal from Jalisco's in Galesburg.  My favorite is Quesadilla Jalisco, which is full of fat juicy shrimp.  You can have all that other crap like guacamole, refried beans and all that, but that Quesadilla is great. 

I cut my rooming bill by $4.00 and took a smoking room.  Advise:  pay the $4.00 and get non-smoking.  The built-in stench and the burning eyes just wasn't worth it.  It was a Motel 6 and hated it.  Yeah, the walls are yellow.  SO is everything else in the room.

This is Blackie, our neighborhood snake.  Supposedly these guys eat bad snakes so we are to prize this guy like Indians prize cows.  I was also informed that there is a $5000 fine and/or jail time if you harm them.  This also from the guy who said they spotted an 18 foot gator door in the bayou.  

Proximity of Blackie to my front door.  Too close.

Much bigger than a garter snake back home. 

A gift from Becky, she knows I like Ki…

Do What!!??

While standing in line at the local Wal-Mart store, I spotted a young lady who was standing in line just ahead of me. I then noticed her tattoos on both legs. Without further adieu, I give you................... Miss Unique Tattoo of St. Pete.

I recoil at trying to spell this for you.  If you can't see, then click on the pic to enlarge it.  Again, I love tattoos: the art itself, individual expression, the ultimate human statement thing, but this seems a bit...confrontational to me. 

I suppose it has an ethnic power to it.   But somehow, it seems to reinforce stereotypes, and after all, isn't that so 20th century?

She even stands like she'd just as soon knock your block off.  I actually was a bit apprehensive about taking these shots with my cell phone, but decided, like an entrepid reporter, that the story was too good to pass up.

And once taken, the phone slips into my pocket and I am safe.  The things I do for you, me dear loyal readers.