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Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

Head Out On The Highway, Looking For Adventure

You know, I'm not sure if I ever posted these vids or not.  Anyway, here are some cool vids we took this summer just driving around in the puckerbrush.

Various Scenes

It was a special three or four days when my daughter and SIL came up to Northlandia.  They stayed in the Cabin in the Woods with the kids.  Thanks to Con-Dan for the air mattress and other useful items for their stay. It was greatly appreciated.  

Here are Norah and Alfred in the oversized chair in the Seaton park.  I hate these chairs that you see all over the place, that is until my daycare clients like them.

Norah after she and I went on a cicada shell hunt.

On the flight up, the ever photo-loving Norah and the ever blankie-sucking Alfred.

At the Cabin, Alfred and I.  

It was a fun few days and when they weren't in G-Burg having family get-togethers, I could certainly direct their attention to things that involved me.  Why not? 

Tuesday Tidbits

We are back from a short Thanksgiving week.  Contrary to yesterday's post which was created a while back I am NOT in Northlandia.  I am in never-land: never fun, never cold, never home.

As some of you guys know, the streets down here are paved in copper.  Curb coinage is one of my favorite pastimes and have tried passing that on to others.  Norah spotted her first pennies a while back and now loves the pursuit.
Perhaps one of my finest finds happened during the break.  While taking Alfred to the local park to play in the sand of the volleyball court, I took a seat at a bench not too far away.    

That's my big foot up top and if you look real close to just right-of-center you will see what I saw.

And what I saw was a round object almost totally hidden in the sand.

And when I picked it up I saw the nickel that had fallen out of someone's pocket.  In the annals of coinage copping, this is one of my finest finds.

Once again good ole Shep Smith veers from the str…

Dark Skies. Dark River - Part 2

More of the same, I'm afraid.  Repetitive?  Maybe.  But I can think of a lot of things that are repetitive that I enjoy.  So can you.

Today I am in Northlandia so will be taking my camera places.  Maybe I can find differentthings to photograph.  Maybe not.  Stay tuned.


As CEO of EIB I have decided to take Thanksgiving Week off. Actually, CEO doesn't really describe my position.  Perhaps potentate better describes my function.  Combined with armipotent and bellipotent (mighty in war and mighty in battle, respectively), and you have it all in one package.  Ta da! But I digress.  I am giving the entire staff time off to contemplate and give thanks for their jobs.  Without my benevolent tolerance of their continual typos and laziness they would be scrambling about looking for empty bus kiosks to call their homes.  They will bow on bended knee this week, no doubt, to give thanks to ME.  

It's just for a week, so all is not lost.  This beacon of entertainment will return on November 27th ready to tackle things once again as we make a run toward the end of the year.  So, as always, behave yourselves, play nice and, calm yourselves Diago, your mind candy, Existing In BFE, will return soon.

Flashback Friday

Back in G-Burg I had a bar in my garage.  We celebrated weddings, birthdays, plain old not-for-any-reason neighborhood parties.  On the shelf over the back counter was a tip jar.  These are some of the tips I received.

Use these as you will.  There is wisdom in them all.  And, in case you are wondering, "... and the bartender asks, 'Hey, why the long face?'"

My Clients Arrive

My daughter and her family came up to the Cabin for a mini-vacation in September.  Drew decided it was necessary to see his grandmother celebrate her 80th birthday.  Sadly, as the fates would have it, it would be the last time he would see his father.
They stayed at the Cabin while I camped with the Wombie.  I stole some time with them when they arrived to catch up on some cicada shell hunting.

Norah and I are checking out a group of trees down the street.  I am happy to say we found a few.

In a rare instance of the guy with a camera being the subject, here we are, holding hands as we search for other possibilities.

Back at the Cabin, Alfred enjoying some cider donuts I picked up at the Corn Maze outside Viola.  They were a hit.

When not fighting, they actually are a pretty loving pair of kids.  Alfred's ever-present blankee and Norah's ever-present smile are a winning combination.  Here big sister holds a sleeping Alfred's hand in what appears to be a posed shot, but wasn'…

Good Morning

On another trip to K-Burg I was lucky enough to time it so a barge was passing bay.  It was a full moon and as usual, quiet with just a hint of sound from a moving body of water.

Winding through the destroyed and dilapidated old bridge span this barge travelling south places both spotlights on either side of the river.  It will move those lights back and forth taking in all the hazards, buoys and shining light on those things that may hinder its progress.  

It gets closer to my position.

And closer...

And then, just as the tow boat was right across from me, it turns on its side light, illuminating me and, in its soundless fashion, says "Good Morning."I wave back and after it sends its message, it goes off.

And then it goes on its way.

Like a spider feeling its way along a floor, the barge moves its lights in an endless sway as it floats slowly on its mission.  And "Good Morning" to you.

Tuesday Tidbits

Here at the Cabin in the Woods, things have been hectic and busy.  I did this week's posts two weeks ago because I knew that the Worldwide Web is a little sparse out here in the forest.  This is a pretty short visit and Farmer Mark is out in the fields so taking care of some projects and doing things that are more drudge than fun.   I will be taking a couple weeks off for Thanksgiving starting next Monday so brace yourselves. 

Progress is not always better.

Once I said to my mother: 'You would be happy if I just kept well-dressed and had good manners,' and she said: 'What else is there?'

Cy Twombly, American Artist

I uttered a major faux pas a couple weeks ago.  While visiting the nearby bar to get a feel for things, the guy behind the bar, who, by the way, seems to think everyone needs to be as sports nerdy as he is as he is bouncing from patron to patron talking ONLY sports.  Gee.  Anyway, he finally turns to me and says, are you a…