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Friday Flashback

Shortly before I got that wonderful early retirement thing from the Ninth Judicial Circuit my son decided he wanted to marry someone from Florida.  She arrived via bus with a little year and a half old kid and they lived with us in G-Burg.  That little kid, Michael, was a dandy and we spent a lot of time together.  

I have posted pics before of us wandering around town, he on his little toy ATV I got him and me trying to keep up.  We covered the town like a cold sweat.  Even had to order another battery just in case one would die out while we were blocks from home.  

He loved trains and we spent a great deal of time at the depot watching them as they swooshed by.  We would be gone hours exploring.

It was a fun time.  We were inseparable.  But eventually it would end.  Brendan joined the Army, and they went with him to Clarksville.  Tours in Iraq didn't help with their marriage and it withered,  they were just kids themselves.  She eventually returned to Florida and my time with Micha…

A Piece Of My Mind

I was reading a great but disturbing article on MetaFilter.  The gist of it was about our shrinking entertainment media.  The writer said she had tried to find a movie on her streaming systems and had been unsuccessful.  She was searching for Fresh Horses, a mediocre 1988 flick that starred Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy.  She knew it wasn't a blockbuster but after a separation she wanted to see it to touch base with some aspects of her life that was represented in the film.  

They can't all be Schindler's List.  But we have all seen movies that for some reason appeal to us.  Some are lousy, some are just OK.  I can remember that for me there was a flick called Fluke.  Absolutely one of the worst movies of all time, but damned if I didn't like it.  In fact I was one of only 4 people who bought it when it came out on VHS.  It was about a guy who is in a car crash, dies, and is reincarnated into a dog.  Matthew Modine was the character and I think this was his last st…


From the Club

Tuesday Tidbits

My old buddy Mike Johnson said they should've stopped making movies after John Wayne died.  This isn't about John, Mike, or westerns.  It's about movie art.

John Wayne movie posters seem redundant.  Same blueprint, it seems for all of his stuff.  Just plant his face on the cover with some small scene to the side.  Name another Hollywood star who commands that kind of artwork.


Went to the Mall for the first time in ages to renew my hazy hatred of the place.  In the food court I saw this guy. 
So, how did he do it?  Yes, he took the mask off.


Saw this mushroom at Sinkhole Estates.  Reminded me of one of the Wombie's shank shots into the rough.


Update on Whizzbang, aka Dumbstruck the Wonder Pup

More Stolen GIF's

A lazy, throwaway Monday post.  Enjoy anyway.

Flashback Friday

Last week's Flashback mentioned old hometown Seaton around the turn of the century.  No, not this one, the last one.  One of the lost businesses I mentioned was the newspaper.  It was called The Seaton Independent.  Hey, these things yellow just like an old Chicago Tribune.  That is likely the only similarity.  At my grandmother's estate auction, I snapped her old breadbox and in the bottom were three old Independents.  This is one of them.  
It is dated April 14, 1949.  They were issued every Thursday.  Its usefulness as a liner to a breadbox notwithstanding, there is nothing in it that would warrant any particular safekeeping.  While there were a few Blythes living in Seaton at the time, there would be no children born to Marj and Herb for a while yet.
The cartoon was a pro-nuclear statement deriding those who wanted to tamp down all things atomic.   Seems rather dated now since we went all nuclear and now have curtailed almost all atomic power.  

In five days an election would…