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All 14 Minutes of Taxi and Sequel

I'm not much into music.  A lot of it bores me.  Maybe all the years I sat in a lawn chair listening to oldies at car shows, but I swear, if I hear "Hotel California" one more my head will explode.  Seems nowadays I'd rather listen to talk radio that hear a song I've hear 35,000 times.  And the all time worst song I've ever heard is "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band.  Hell, don't kick out the  immigrants - send Miller to Bangladesh and ban that song if you want to help America.  And he's the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Should be in a gulag somewhere.

But when I do need some music, my default setting in times of emotional stress is way, way back to Harry Chapin.  I've written a great deal about him through the years on this blog.  It was one of the things my college GF, Pam from New Joisy, gave me.  

I was at her apartment one summer in Muscatine and she put on some music.  It turned out to be Harry's Verities and Balderdash and it …


I didn't ride in the Jeep much when I was in Northlandia last month, so this "Roadtrip" logo will have to suffice. 

Speaking of roadtrips, it seems some of our favorites are in, or out of, the boonies.  Country roads are usually where its at for the sheer fun and unpredictability of it all.  You can go places in a car that you might not want to on a motorcycle, so our roadtrips are often in the heart of nowhere. 
And its nowhere you find things - old cemeteries, ramshackle buildings, "Deliverance-style" homesteads and the ever present wild critters.    Unfortunately these pics were taken with the iPhone and haven't the clarity of my nice camera.     

The Wombies and I like the roadtrips into the Heart of Nowhere, but like I told Neighbor Tim on a bike ride once, "No matter where you go civilization is always just down the road a-ways or around the next curve."  Or something like that.    While riding the bikes we tend to drive toward clusters of tree…

Tuesday Tidbits

Supposedly a photo of a tree getting zapped by lightening.  Now you know why you aren't supposed to run underneath them in a storm.
With apologies to my Catholic friends.

 He's a cool dude.
But this is how we Presby's do it.



Beer bellies about 4:30 pm.  It's not a bad place to be. 

Adventures in babysitting.  This afternoon I ended up with both the dog and Ayla using me as a cushion.

A couple weeks ago the current Mrs. Blythe and I stopped in at Old Key West Bar & Grill for lunch and to see Brendan.  When we were leaving he slipped me this container of ice cream.  Good boy.




I was going to post the last cycle ride today but changed my mind.  Whether you have a long week on the road, in the tractor, or babysitting, this is Monday.  Just something about them.  Gotta have 'em, but they're just like appendixes.  And yet that's not accurate either, unless you have appendicitis weekly.  Whatever the weak analogy, endeavor to persevere.  Because tomorrow is Tuesday.  It's not quite as good as Wednesday but its better than Monday.   

It seems like I should have posted something a little more substantial but, frankly, I've been a bit down in the spirits lately.  Last week I learned that my boss at the Mary for 30 years passed away.  Randy Storm hired me and promoted me twice while I was there.  He was someone I spent more time with than my own family.  I have many remembrances, mostly funny.   We golfed together, roomed together at conferences, and I, in my own meager way, assisted him in creating programming and a healthy environment for thousa…

Flashback Friday

For the life of me I can't figure out where this picture was taken.  The real London Bridge was about 3,500 miles away.  Bro Phil is keeping a nice lookout for his freak siblings.  This looks to be some kind of amusement park but I can't think of any close to Seaton.  Maybe someone can shed some light on it.

What is particularly eerie is that kid right behind me in the shadows.  Since it is the Halloween season, one could make a great case about that being a ghost.  Sadly, a better case can be made that while Marj was taking too much time framing the picture, some nervy-ass kid couldn't wait to cross the old bridge.  I take pleasure in thinking that maybe that bridge was over a moat, and maybe that moat had a gator.  Anyway, believe whatever you like.  I just think its a little creepy.       

A Piece of My Mind

A Piece Of My Mind
RegretRegret is the negative emotion experienced when learning that an alternative course of action would have resulted in a more favorable outcome.

I voted for Hillary in '16.

I don't regret it.

But I regret a lot of things I've done.

Mistakes I've made.

I chose to be a Mets fan. That has made me a party of staggering ineptitude.

I once called in a bomb threat in high school. It kind of branded me in a way that exists even today.

I signed up for Facebook. That transformed me into an algorithm that flooded me with memes, friend requests from people I didn't know and opened me up for hacking and political manipulation.

I sold a '61 Imperial and a '65 Galaxie convertible when I moved to Florida. Some regrets will never die.

I didn't take Missy to the vets soon enough when she had her tumor and needed to be put down. I was selfish and blind to her needs.

I regret selling the place I had in North Henderson. They were some happy …


Tuesday Tidbits


Why is it when you toss something in the wastebasket from only inches away, it never goes in?



When lawn care guys don't give a shit about the flowers.



This is at Datsko Park where Whizzbang aka Dumbstruck the Wonder Pup and I go every morning.  Seems obvious and yet ironic to have a "No Dumping" sign and a dog poop dispenser next to each other. 

There was a time when style was paramount to function.  

From semi's to...

...lawn mowers.
There was a time when styling seemed to trump (eww) mechanics.  The cars of the sixties had great styling but tended to rust out, have a mileage limit of 100,000 miles and lacked safety features.  Today its not uncommon for cars to go forever and the safety of them are unquestioned.  But they certainly lack style. I want fins!


I don't do comedies.  The main reason is they are usually geared toward a junior high level of writing.  I have two comedies in my small DVD colle…

Cycle Ride - 2nd Sunday

Our second Sunday of riding took us to Iowa and Route 99 along the river up toward Muscatine.  This was a route Mr. and Mrs. Wombie and I took last year and it is a fine drive that includes a memorial to 7 Civil War brothers who died in the war, a couple of Indian burial mounds, and a great bar in Wapello.  I thought. 

I was leading so naturally I got us lost first thing in Burlington.  After a few mis-directions, wrong turns and just a little budding frustration, we ended up at this observation area so it seemed like a good spot to regroup.    

Think of those poor slobs who live in Kansas who have to live  without a river in their own backyards.  Ah, Northlandia.  

There were two young fish swimming and they came across an older fish who said, "Morning boys, how's the water?"  The younger fish looked at each other and they said, "What's water?"

Sometimes we do the same things in the same way in the same place.  A great river a half an hour drive from our homes…