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Crafty Weekend

Once it cools off a little down here the outside activities pick up.  In one three week period there were no less than three art festivals we attended.  People pay to put up their tents and sell their stuff.  It comes at a good time since Christmas is near.  The first one, in St. Pete, is pretty big and encompasses about three blocks along Central Avenue.  Lots of different stuff, all homemade, with prices for everyone.    

Naturally the stores are open, too and we slipped into one of the best.  It's called Florida CraftArt and it had this be-baubled sleigh encased in plexiglass and was for sale.  A little gaudy, isn't everything down here?

But you'll have to get out your Visa or Mastercard because this baby is expensive.

This guy looked like a little Keebler elf with his weird artsy-douche-covenish hat.  He looked the type to sacrifice cats in the forest.  On the other hand, this place (and I'm talking the CITY) gives everyone the freedom to express themselves.  I could …

Flashback Friday

Mackenzie took this picture of me in 1994 at the Mitchell residence for a Christmas get-together.  You can see I'm surrounded by all of my admirers.  This reminded me of how much I liked wearing sweaters in the winter.  This was one of my favorites - you can't tell because of the lousy picture but it was a good one.  

This Friday kind of kicks off the Holiday Season in earnest.  So, here is a picture of one of Marj's flocked trees she did for many years.  Even now I like the look of a flocked tree.  They would get the tree and hang it by a rop in the garage and Marj would flock it with pray goop.  Marj gussied up a tree in a minimalist style.  No ribbon, tinsel, candy canes or hoarded heirloom ornaments.  Her trees had style - blue lights and blue balls.   Simple, classy, elegant.

A Piece of My Mind

There seems to me two constants in the history of mankind's time on earth.  If there are more, I can't divine them in my tea leaves, or more accurately my coffee beans.  I am no scholar although I did my best to stay in the bubble of academia as long as I could.  At the age of twenty five I finally stopped enrolling in classes and joined the work force.  Not a bad run.  

1. Man's continued inhumanity to each other is astounding.

2. The arc of history shows we are improving.

Before I continue I first feel compelled to let you know that the "arc of history" you may read or hear about from people from time to time is not a perfect rainbow arc. It is more like a stock market graph of ups and downs. The past century, which, according to the 'arcists', should have been a better century than the one before it, was actually one of the most brutal ever. And there have been a lot of brutal ones. It's tough to beat two world wars in the space of 20 years. 



Tuesday Tidbits

Worst toupee in history? I was in a McDonald's last week and saw this guy.  Problem is how do you take a picture of someone in public without offending.  Mission accomplished.



Third art fair in two weekends.  This one was in Tarpon Springs.  Tarpon is a pretty neat place overall - a sponge hub.  Greek immigrants settled around the turn of the century (1900's) and cornered the sponge business.  I did post a couple years ago where we took a boat ride and a diver went down in vintage diving gear and retrieved a sponge.   Here, a balloonist is making two little girls happy.  


Mr. and Mrs. Wombie have a nice big picture window in their living room and outside they have several bird feeders and hummingbird stations.

This painting is a little like seeing him watching his birds and then I walk by and they all spook.  Except he's not quite as cut as this guy.  Or as young.  And is that a damn rat in his hand?  


Which reminds me, I have…

My Lucky Day

Those who have been around this website for a while know I walk a lot down here.  Who the Hell wants to drive in this mess?  And while walking I'll ease over to keep a watchful eye in the curb looking for a coinage dropped from cars or pedestrians.  Surprisingly there is a lot of it.  Norah found a penny just this last weekend in Tarpon Springs as she was exiting the Fun Bus.

I still believe there is a treasure out there.  Not a pirate's booty on the beach, but rather a wad of twenties tossed from a drug dealer's car when approached by a cop.  No, I don't watch much TV - this one I hatched all by myself.  

It finally happened.  As Whizzbang and I were walking by Murder By the Bay apartment complex, I glanced down and spotted a wadded up bill.  My heart went pitter-patter.  A grown man should never use that phrase but, what the Hell, I'm a millionaire, so who cares?  As I bent down to retrieve it I started imagining all the things I could buy with a wad of drug money.…

Flashback Friday

This is a re-post of about 4 years ago.

One of our favorite sayings in the editorial halls of Existing In BFE is, "Never let the facts get in the way of a good story."  Frankly, I don't know if this is one of our Thanksgiving Day feasts at home or not.  But there is every indication that it is.  Note that it is Fall since both Phil and Herb are wearing sweaters.  We never cooked out for Christmas, so we can eliminate that holiday.  Looks like we have chicken on the grill so that conforms to "Cooking Most Foul" for Thanksgiving.  It is also raining which necessitates indoor grilling.  

Phil looks to be enjoying a cigar which Herb probably offered as he did often.  He preferred Dutch Master's Presidents.  I'm not sure what kind of ventilation we had in the garage but cooking on the grill is fairly common throughout the year in Northlandia regardless of the weather.  

Meeting in Seaton for the major holidays was pretty much a requirement.  The picture shown w…

Piece of My Mind

My father used to rattle off an etymological little ditty about flatulence.  Sinfully, I have forgotten how it went.  It started out:  "Fizz-fuzz, a fizz fuzz" and then it would happily go on to describe the various ways intestinal gas escape our bodies. It ended with, "...and a rattler don't count."  

Since I am a educated man, or think I am, I try to tell my refined sophisticated self that I am not much into bathroom humor.  But I have another side, less polished, childlike, that believes, firmly and fancifully, that farts are funny.  Yep, squeeze one off in public and it is sure to be the highlight of the day.

I have mentioned before, perhaps many times, that Bill Seaton, a kid our age, and whose family always sat in front of ours in church made one of the most memorable memories of that dreaded almost weekly experience.  Bill ripped one during a moment of silent prayer one Sunday, and his mother, Doris, tapped him on the shoulder in a scolding fashion.  He ri…


Night shot at OVCC.

Tuesday Tidbits

They are starting a new smartphone ap news service called SmartNews.  This app provides both the right and left side of the news, or if you prefer: Fox and then all the other objective news outlets.  My prediction is that it will fail.  It will fail because we don't want to hear all sides of an issue.  We want only that which conforms to our personal views.  


As loyal readers know, I rise early to get a head start on the day.  It takes till noon for everyone else to catch up and by 5 I'm lost in their dust.  It suits me.  Anyway, I take a nice 3 mile walk and lately I have been stopping at the Melrose By the Bay apartment complex to sneak into their unlocked fitness room and treadmill a few extra steps.  Melrose is currently the home of Atilla the Hen and I don't want to say they are a bit seedy but their kids walk across the street to Sinkhole Estates and rip off stuff that isn't nailed down.  Oh, and they had a little murder a few months ago too.  …