Thursday, December 3, 2015

St. Petersburg Yacht Club Car Show - Part 1

I'm happy to say that I made it, finally, to the St. Petersburg Yacht Club car show in downtown St. Pete. Yes, they have the more mundane stuff one might see in G-Burg at one of their Railroad Days shows, but it also had a few pretty rare things that one might expect from a car show that is sponsored by a yachting club.

I'm afraid all my notes are in Florida so I must rely on memory and that may be pretty iffy.    

This is a circa 1948 Jaguar XKE.  I've seen them in pictures but never in person.  Cool looking auto with Art-Deco styling.  Looks like getting in and out might be a problem for me nowadays.  

I was quite smitten by this Rolls-Royce.  It is a 1965 version.  Huge, massive, bulky and reeking with class, this would be a nice stocking stuffer this year. 

Another picture of the Rolls.  Notice the lack of chrome around the rear window.  American cars always have some sort of trim.  The Rolls, however, doesn't have a lot but still comes off as elegant. An absolute dream of a car. 

1952 Rolls-Royce.  Again, these are massive cars with styling as their forte, not a lot of extra chrome or gadgets.  Just regal elegance.  

I've got the pictures mixed up a bit;  how that Studebaker wormed its way in here, I don't know.  This is a Bentley another of Britain's royal carriage makers.  Wow.  I'm wetting my pants.

They put this Studebaker next to the Bentley and in a way that was just fine, because this Stude was in excellent shape and its flair for styling offset the more staid English wheels. 

Notice the right side steering wheel.  This car was imported over to the US anyway.  All of the English cars had wood  dashes.  

Oh, be still my heart.  I think I'm getting the vapors.  This was as close to concours stuff one can find in a car show.  I should remind you of the Gateway Car Museum only a couple miles away from where I exist down here which is a must-see for car afficianados.  Probably time to visit again.    

Metal art doesn't get much prettier than this.  Note the fender mirrors. and large single driving light up front.  This is a classic look that probably needs to be in my garage, just to insure its safety.  I'd sleep in it to keep the bad guys at bay. 

1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II.  This was Lincoln's/Ford's attempt to come up with an elegantly styled car to match the post-war European models.  They did a fine job, too.  Low slung, perfectly styled these are worth a mint in this kind of shape.  Exhaust was incorporated into the rear bumper.  

Air intake portals on side of car.

OK everyone.  Lean back and take a breath.  Classic iconic stuff here.  I'm going back next year and if they beg me I'll ship Miss Frump down to join their ranks.  

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