Friday, January 22, 2016

Flashback Friday

The long buildup comes to fruition on Christmas morning.  Those who have theirs on Christmas Eve are either from Lapland or vampires.  Never did get that.  But anyway, the paper has been bagged, the boxes moved to the corners, the batteries inserted and the plugs plugged in.  Now its time to investigate the haul, the boundless booty, as it were.   In short - playtime.

Today we turn our sights back to sometime in the late 70's. or early 80's.  The place, Blythe homestead in Seaton, the time, early evening after Christmas day.  The screwdriver is next to the old Pepsi can having served its purpose.  The ribbons saved for next year.     

Mark on the left and Phil on the right settle into a game of air hockey.   like Phil on the right is doing a little trash talking. Is Phil really trash talking?  Look at that, he is!  I've seen this scene many times - he'd get lippy and end up with a couple feisty twins flailing away.  

Later, I'd give the game a try and, sadly, looks like I have no one to play with except the dog.  I forget which one of us won, but my guess is the dog got excited by other things going on, probably in the kitchen, and left leaving me holding the puck.  

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