Monday, January 11, 2016

Northlandia Leftovers - Part 3

Third in a short series of sights in Northlandia that were just laying around in my iPhone.

Somewhere is Davenport is a bar that advertises in a little different fashion.  I like their sense of humor.  I'll just wager the food is good and the beer is cold.

Poor stupid Iowans.  I mentioned not too long ago that Iowa's motto for about 15 minutes back in the mid '80's was "Iowa, A State of Minds".  That didn't last long, though, due to questions of accuracy and truthfulness.  Even Trump wondered how stupid Iowans are.  Not sure if this driver is rooting for the Hawkeyes or for Iowa in general.  Either way, their tremendous losers, right Donald?

These are a couple of pictures I found that were taken in the early morning hours at the start of the mini-blizzard we had a couple days after I arrived in Emerald City.  I lapped this up like a bullfrog slurps summer skeeters.  

The Wombie and Holly enjoy tricking me every once in a while.  When I am prepared for a nice evening at home watching  Svengoolie or All In the Family on my antenna TV system, they drive by and want to know if I want to take a roadtrip with them.  Say no more, I'm dressed and ready for adventure.   Little do I know I have signed on for a bar hop.  My introverted side yells, "Hell No!",  but after a couple 12 ounce sedatives I'm down with it.

The top picture is my 1st or 2nd Bloody Mary at the "Off the Hook" in Keithsburg, or to clarify, the old "Blackie's". The lady there makes a Hell of a BM.  

Our next stop, the second picture, was a place in New Boston.  This was fun because it was crowded (see? inside me is an extrovert wanting out) and a bunch of Hawkeye fans were watching them lose.  

The third picture, and final stop, was Beer Bellies in Emerald City.  By this time it was, "What the Hell is a Swenhooey?" It was a fun time, as it always is, and reminds me that the biggest obstacle to getting out and having fun is just getting out of the chair and walking out the door.  

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