Monday, January 4, 2016

Northlandia Leftovers

Over the next couple of weeks I'll conclude my recent stay in Northlandia with a series of posts.  This is the first.      

Picture perfect late afternoon.  We were in a car from Joy to Emerald City.  My little iPhone comes through again.  More often than not the little thing just can't pull off a good picture, at least not with me at the helm, but every once in a while it does amazingly well.

I was scheduled to go to G-Burg early morning for breakfast with the girls.  Woke up to some snow and icy roads.  I cancelled out of panic that my truck would slip and slide all the way there.You have any idea how long it has been since I cancelled something because
 of the weather?  The snowfall didn't last long and it warmed up sufficiently to melt the ice, but it still reminded me of a "no-school" free day.   

This was my seat of honor for an afternoon at the North Henderson Community Center. Sunday afternoon watching football, keeping warm with a space heater, and lots of cold beer.  Anything better?  Well, not many. Thanks, Neighbor Tim.  Great, great afternoon.
Oh, and I think the Bears lost.

One thing I still find amazing since my self-exile to Florida.  The complete permeation of gambling in Illinois.  This is a winning voucher from a machine in Emerald City.  Sadly, not mine.  I heard how much money one business makes by having them and it is astounding.  Surely the state won't be in the red for long!

This is Sparkles. She (or it) is Norah's own personal Elf-On-The-Shelf. For those of you who may not know how it works: you place your Elf throughput the house on so many days prior to Christmas. You have a blackboard where you (I mean your Elf) can write daily notes. Norah was entranced by Sparkles this Christmas and will be a fixture for many many Christmas's in the future.   I was interested in its birth and tracked its daily whereabouts as much as possible while away up North.

Anyway, today Sparkles is dressed not in her usual red Elf suit but a black robe and gold sash - today is Kenzie's graduation day. 

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  1. Glad you're blog is back. Missed checking it out after Dear Abby, my horoscope and the funnies.