Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

So that's where it is.


This is my day job till I return to Northlandia.  When I get up there, after this, I'm gonna need some cold beer, good manly conversations, long bike rides and maybe a little monkey butt to feel like a guy again.   


Overheard at Target last weekend: a fellow telling a couple of other people with him that he downloads movies on his phone and then watches movies as he is driving by placing the phone up by the speedometer.  Yikes!


Funny how this last weekend's snowfall was "epic".  Much like last winter's three "epic" blizzards.


Went to the beach last weekend.  It was a raw day, windy and the surf was perky.  You can see the water was frothy as the churned foam was pretty heavy. Still, any time is a good time for a beach walk.


The Martian was fun.  I read the book a couple years ago and enjoyed it but thought the film better.  How often do you hear that? The book was bogged down by the technical jargon Watney explains to us throughout his long solitary existence on Mars.  Sometimes a visual is better than ones imagination.  First rate special effects, plenty of humor, and sympathetic hero in Matt Damon. 


Welcome to Florida, Mr. Stage and so long Mr. Blythe.  


Religion and politics are sure to win you enemies.  So if you are sensitive to the latter stop reading.  Here are my thoughts on a couple things.  Having just had a brush with the medical side of life I can tell you that I am not a fan of the Affordable Care Act.  The out of pocket expenses for my polyp surgery was not the least bit  affordable.  I could have bought a pretty decent used car with what came out of my bank account.  It shouldn't surprise you then that I am intrigued by a single payer system.   Maybe all Americans should be on Medicare from cradle to grave.  The system we have now is more expensive and will drive more people to bankruptcy as time goes on. More out of our paychecks, yes.  But universal care may be the best way to go.  It is not a communist notion, any more than Social Security, income taxes, or Medicare are.  It is a  program, that would save more money administratively, cost less  for us and do more good than anything else being mentioned on the campaign trail this year. Hillary wants more Obamacare, the Republicans don't want anything, and Bernie wants universal healthcare.  I'm still a free agent, unlike Yoenis Cespedis, but on this one issue, I'm feeling the Bern.  Opinion over, we can now move on.


Saw in Target these fashion statements:

Some guy who looked like he'd been in a battle with a bear.  

A woman who liked the double-split back that, I assume, was supposed to be sexy.  Then puts on a bra and, well, I just don't get it. 

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