Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday Tidbits

I am back in the saddle again.  I am babysitting Kilroy, aka Alfred, aka Ayla and Miss Norah on days she doesn't have school.  Yes, guys, I am a Man-Among-Men.  I change diapers, make silly noises, pace and rock - all in an attempt to make sleepy.  I'm out of practice.  Norah seemed easy - this one seems hard.  


I am really working to get Comet Catalina for you.  Patience. Unfortunately the comet was right next to Arcturus in the eastern morning sky this past weekend and would have been a cinch to photograph.  Sadly, the entire weekend was cloudy in Floriduh, so no picture-taking.  


Part of our Christmas seems to be way too much good tasting treats but bad for you healthwise.  Puppy chow,  homemade peanut clusters, rice krispy treats, sugar cookies and chocolate krackels.  I had current Mrs. Blythe make me a plate of these goodies and I took it over to our next door neighbors here at Bedlam.  They are friendly but don't speak a word of English.  The old guy and me mostly do a grunt thing.  At least I think they are friendly.  They could be calling us all kinds of things but they smile when they say it.  They are Mexican and there are extended family or friends all over the place.  Sometimes there must be 15 of them over there, but they never cause problems. 

The next day I got a knock on the door while babysitting a fussy and sick 5 month old.  It was the old guy with this tray of what appeared to be three deep-fried bread balls and some caramel looking stuff.  He pointed to the caramel looking stuff and said, "sweet".  The pointed to the balls and said, "hot".  I said thanks and we shook hands.  That works when there is a language barrier.  

As you can see by the above picture I cut the ball in half and put some gunk on it but, frankly, there wasn't much taste.  Maybe I didn't do it right.  But I made contact.  I might need their country someday. 


Wondering what happened to my package containing my camera and meds?  That's tomorrow's post.


During New Year's day I did what every guy should do if they have some free time at home:  I tuned into SyFi's Twilight Zone marathon.  Forget football games between teams you have no rooting interest (except for whoever is playing Iowa) and just as forgettable as last week's leftovers.  I kept seeing a plug for Galaxy Quest which they were letting us all know was going to Premier on the channel soon.  Premier?  Galaxy Quest has been around for 16 years.  OK, so it is premiering on SyFi, but really, a 16 year old movie being that hyped?  Kind of embarrassing.  By the way, Galaxy Quest - it is really good.  So are those old Twilight Zone shows.


This is Norah and I in the pool here at Bedlam this past New Year's weekend.   Unlike Shawshank, this is an unheated pool, but the weather has been so warm that it made swimming almost bearable.  Cold, well, yeah but it was one of those colds that you get used to after a while.  Its OK once you get your nether regions acclimated.  Norah is half fish so she really enjoyed the dip as well as discovering the many joys of a pool noodle.  Me, well, I do as Norah says.  I am, in essence her real life Minion.  Sadly, a cold front went through on Saturday so our swimming days are likely over for awhile.


Speaking of babysitting.  I have my first two weeks of babysitting under my belt.  I thought I would share with you my two favorite moments: 

Now if I could get it arranged so they would nap at the same time.  Now that would be a neat trick.  By the way, if my toenails look painted in the above picture, that is because they are.  Norah is my pedicurist.


Like the lemmings they are, I notice politicians and the President like to put rows of people behind them staring at us staring at them.  I think it is goofy and distracting.  I keep watching the people instead of the candidates - waiting for someone to pull a booger out of their nose and eat it, or scratch their balls.  Haven't seen anything neat yet but it will be long year of those rows of ordinary Joes and Janes staring at us.

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