Friday, April 15, 2016

Flashback Friday

As promised, another picture from a stash I had processed from original negatives that I found in the box of old pictures.  The negatives were in the pouch pictured below.  

There was only one place to process pictures that I know of back in those days in Aledo and that was Johnny Johnson.  The only info we can gleam from this is Marj used 620 Kodak film.  They stopped making that in 1995.  She had a Kodak Brownie camera that looked identical to the one below.  

I suppose they were fairly common back in those days since there wasn't a great deal of options unless you went with the more exotic and expensice German cameras.  Marj might have put this on the shelvf at one time and started using one of those small rectangular cheapie types.  I have no idea where that old Brownie is.   

As you can see the old Brownie wasn't especially crisp and didn't have the ability to make changes in-camera like the new ones today can.  You simply shot and hoped it was all right.  In this picture Marj is glancing over to the left for some reason and was probably not selected for her Christmas cards, which this surely was posed for.  Again, I have no recollection as to who came over to take these pictures, but everyone seems to be genuinely smiling, so I suspect it was someone we felt comfortable around.  

One thing I'll mention is that color pictures are a bit of a rarity in the family, at least the ones I have.  This stash I found, and will keep posting periodically, are unique for that feature and while they may look dated compared to todays digital pics, I think it must have been a treat and maybe even an expense to use color film.  

As you can see Marj was still dressing the twins alike and Phil certainly looks like he could have stepped right onto Dick Clark's American Bandstand.  I think these years were especially happy ones for Marj:  her family was still contained within her home and she had a rich trove of friends.  But if there is a mantra we can all use all the time, it is "Everything Changes."  This moment in time would represent the best of times.  

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