Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Warm Springs, Again

You may wonder why Warm Springs again when there were other options, like say, the Everglades which I have never explored.  The reason is two-fold.  I genuinely wanted to take it in again in a less rushed manner.  When I visited three years ago I was on my bike and heading North.  If you have ever travelled with me you know it is rush rush rush.  Can't seem to slow down, even when i know I need to back off.  Taking the current Mrs. Blythe would ensure taking it all in at a snail's pace.  

The other reason is that I wanted to have picture taking opportunities.  I am still experimenting and learning the ins-and-outs of a DSLR camera and a back roads trip was just the thing.

You can go back in my archive and hunt the Warm Springs trip before, and I hope you do. (If you are interested check out Existing in BFE on 7-31-13 and 8-1-13)   If not, here are just a very few shots to whet your appetite.  The Little White House was FDR's getaway, not only from the pressures of the Presidency, but also as a place to get therapy for his polio stricken legs.  It was the mineral spring pools that drew him here in 1924.  He was hoping for a cure in the 88 degree waters but,  while there was no cure, there was relief.   He built the Little White House in 1932 while Governor of New York and before his first inauguration as president.  He would return to Warm Springs some 30 times from that point to the day he died, here, while posing for a portrait.  

Above are the servant's and guest quarters.  The servants is on the left and the guest house is on the right.  beneath the servant's quarters was the garage FDR kept his cars.  

In kind of a nice touch, the flag on the grounds, between the guest houses is a 48 star flag. 

And the Little White House.  The really neat thing about the place is is authenticity.  We've all been to places that are basically replicas of what they represent.  The Lincoln Home has all been redone and the furniture is pretty much stuff they might have had or was common in those years.  But this place, it is as it was on the April 12, 1945.  Every stick of furniture, picture hanging, memento and knick knacks are as it was when FDR was here.  Same as the kitchen and china cabinets.  The ranger said Mrs. Roosevelt came in took his stuff from the dressers and other personal stuff and left everything.  It is truly a time capsule, down the toilet paper, and Fala's scratches on the door wanting out.  If you like history you don't want imitation, you want the real thing, and the Little White House is it.  

A long walkway with each state's native rock.  

Compare the two pictures above to see that this place is indeed the real thing.  

On the wall in the kitchen.  A poignant little historical keepsake that adds to the authenticity of the place.  

And this is Daisy Bonner.

All in all, the second visit was just as pleasant as the first.  What a wonderful place to get a feel for real history.  No fake stuff here, no replicas, or simulation.  And what's even better, it is so out of the way that there are no crowds.  When I was here the first time I was the only one touring the place.  This time there were probably 15 but probably no more.  It is a very much worth the back roads trip to find.  

Tomorrow the pools that brought FDR here in the first place.

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