Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Head Out On The Highway, Looking For Adventure Part 4

Head Out On the Highway, Looking For Adventure

Went with Mr. and Mrs. Wombie to G-Burg.  Mrs. Wombie needed something at the Mall and took this picture of a very quiet, almost empty cavernous building.  I understand it is  being auctioned off soon.  Hopefully they will find a purpose for it and keep it a part of town.  

Naturally we took a few well aimed detours on the way home to see what was lurking on the back roads.  And there are always things worth seeing when you get off the main arteries.  This stretch of road was home to a long long line of those common day lilies that  seem to sprout along country lanes and weedy cemeteries.

We crossed this creek (or is it crick?) and noticed the sign hanging on a tree:  "Security Camera In Use".   

This crumbling stairway to nothing lined the roadside not too far from Little York.  

The decorative structure went all along this section of road.  An old cemetery?  There were no stones.  No house or sign of a house.  What was here?  It didn't remain a mystery for long.  We saw an older guy on the outskirts of Little York mowing his lawn and the Wombie asked about it.  Turns out a rather regal and large home belonging to a wealthy landowner was there and burned down.  It was unique for its spiral staircase.   

Again on the outskirts of town we noticed this marker attached to a large stone in the front yard of a farm house.  It reads, "William Martin, a pioneer settler of Warren County,  killed on this farm by Indians from the Black Hawk tribe, August 9, 1832."   Pretty fascinating when you think of it.  Just a half century before  birth of my grandfathers there were still Indians running around the countryside killed the settlers.  

Great trip and roaming the back roads will usually net you some memories besides an empty Mall and hunting kids stuff for care packages for the grandgirls.   Oh, and I'm a sucker for a Pizza Hut buffet.  Perfect.

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