Friday, April 7, 2017

Flashback Friday

When I was at the gym this morning it suddenly struck me that I had not completed my assignment for today's Flashback.  I jumped off the treadmill (with 2 back flips followed by a back twist) and found this old post of about 5 years ago to put in its place.  I think it is the first time in all of Existing in BFE that I have simply forgotten a day's post.  So, hopefully that won't become a habit.  Sorry to do another repeat, but I'm hoping you guys are equally forgetful and will be pleasantly surprised by this not-so-fresh repost.

Found these two pictures from early MDH days and I'll do what I can to explain whatever is going on. I don't trust my memory, however, so you shouldn't either.

I am pretty sure this was a cookout at Lake Littlejohn, with the Mike and Pat Johnson hosting.  It may have been a wider all-member thing and they invited probation and detention out.  I think that is probably the occasion.  In the middle is your blogger with the current Mrs. Blythe to my right.  It looks like I am clutching a beer in one hand and my American Breeders Service cap in the other.  Thanks again, Jeff.  The hat is no longer with us, but the logo ended on my Halloween/Tiki party get-up featured a few weeks ago.  And it still survives.  

The current Mrs. Blythe is looking ravishing and seems to be in fine fettle.  You can see in this picture why I had to have her.  Long red hair and legs that go alllllllllll the way down.  But I digress.  

To my left is Rebecca Simmons, a counselor when I first started and eventually became Assistant Superintendent.  Just over my left shoulder is Susan (Boone) Gullstrand actually imbibing whatever is in her cup.  Behind me are Alan and Sandy Alderman.  And clear in the back in the upper center, outside, appears to be Pat.     

This ancient picture features a much younger blogger at the Mary Davis Home in Pat Johnson's office.  We had three doors back then: intake door for new clients and staff, front door for parents,  nurses, etc. and then this one, which was at one time the Superintendent's living quarters, later refurbished with offices.  This is where those of us who walked the floors, like Jeff and I, would take a break.  Sometimes you could just slip away for a few minutes.   This was the room I appealed to Mr. Sutor to stay, to not go over to the Big House at Henry Hill.  Sometimes I'd come in early just to have a few minutes with the "gang" and find out what was going on with the clients, share a laugh, and get the latest scoop on whatever was interesting.  I learned more about what was going on at MDH in this room with Pat and Becky than anywhere else.  Well, besides what I learned in the kitchen with Flo, anyway.  When we added on to the Mary in the 90's, this became Becky's office, Pat moved right next door, and by that time I had become Program Coordinator and I had an office down the hallway.

Who knows what was going on here, but a few things are worth mentioning, I suppose.  First, notice all those plants on Pat's desk?  All available space not being used for other purposes were given to plant life.  She always said she was a killer of plants but all looked well and thriving.  Secondly, the two cars out front belonged to Pat (R) and Rose Medina (L).  Why I would know after all these years is beyond me.  Thirdly,  could I have ever been so thin?  Fourthly, drive by the place now and see the size of those pine trees out front.  Next, just to the right of the picture taker was a closet.  This is where Pat had her TV hooked up to cable so she could watch Cub's games.  But she couldn't watch if it was a close one, they were winning, or she had company, which was often.  She'd get too nervous.  Vapors and all. This meant she could only watch when the office was empty and the Cubs were winning handily, which was not very often.

And finally, the place had no formal dress code for staff other than clean, neat and we had to wear socks.  Those jeans are looking a bit worn.  Oh, and as far as socks are concerned, I'll reveal a little known secret.   I never wore socks.  Hated them, and this is why I probably love my Vibram's today.  Back when this picture was taken, I absolutely loathed socks.  I didn't wear socks for my brother's wedding, and throughout school I never had them.  When I learned that socks were required attire at MDH I got by for the longest time by spray painting my ankles black.  How weird is that?  As Paul Harvey would say, "Now you know.........the rrrrest of the story." 

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