Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I love getting the giggles.  Can't remember the last time I got them...maybe about 2 months ago but I can't remember what was said.

When was your last giggle attack?


What is the proper usage?

1.  What's it like?
2.  What it's like?

Hmmm.  I saw both usages this week.  I don't know.  Are they both correct?


I have a hard time accepting baseball players who flat bill.  Just too thuggery for me.


As I was out walking last week I noticed this biker coming up to a stop.  I also noticed he had really different goggles.  And I mean really different.  

Nice bike.  Not so nice goggles.


The temps down here have been setting records.  It was 91 on November 5th.  Norah and I went swimming last night in an unheated pool.  The water was fine. 


Golding surely got his idea for "Lord of the Flies" from watching kids play at the McDonald's Playpen.


I involuntarily vomit in my mouth everytime I see Samuel L. Jackson.  Like a walk in the park.....mannnnnnnn that feels good kind of vomit.


I will travel to Northlandia on November 19th and will return to Floriduh on December 12.  The reasons for a quick return is due to ticket prices, hopefully get started on allergy shots and Mackenzie graduates from college with her B.A.  Remember it's not the amount of time you spend but how you spend them.  Let's ride! 

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