Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

This was sent to me by my buddy, Richard in Burgess. I'd love to have one of these next year at the 4th of July festivities in BFE.


Last week I accompanied the current Mrs. Blythe to the vet to get her cat shots.  An older lady walked in, probably 80 or so, and she had a younger companion with her.  She was also carrying a small dog under her right arm.  When she entered she looked at me and asked where was her dog.  Momentarily befuddled (not an unknown condition for me) she didn't wait for an answer but approach the receptionist and asked her the same question.  Her companion told her she was carrying the dog.  "Oh", she replied and then had a seat next to me, as her friend confirmed an appointment with the receptionist.  

The old lady asked me what place this was repeatedly, including who the vet was.  Her companion softly told me that if I chose to answer her she would ask me the same question all afternoon.  I gladly answered her everytime.  I asked her what kind of dog she had and she answered longhair dachsund, and his name was Buddy. 

Having had a mother-in-law who suffered from it, and having recently seen the new doc Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me I immediately recognized the symptoms of Alzheimer's.  I recently implored you to find that documentary (it aired on CNN just last week) and wish to recommend another related movie, Still Alice which also explores the territory.  It is a frightening future for one out of every three of us. 


 GE's ideas are messy scary and fragile commercial is about the best one I've seen in a while.  If I handed out awards for the things, and I don't, and I wouldn't, I'd give one for that.  

Ideas in some instritutions and organizations, and indeed, some people, can be frightening things. They are messy and often unwanted. It is a good commercial - not liek those stupid new hire geek ones that are big right now from the same company.


Speaking of commercials, Kenzie and Drew are on their 3rd or 4th month of no cable TV. They are doing just fine with subscriptions to Hulu and Netflix. During the baseball playoffs and World Series they came over here to watch. Otherwise they use available sources to keep up with their shows. I have no cable up in Northlandia and, well, yeah, I miss it sometimes, but I get by.



Pastor Kevin Swanson of Colorado this past week held a conference titled "National Religious Liberties Conference" in Des Moines, Iowa. He advocated that gays should be put to death. Yes, imagine that - the government should execute all gays.

This terribly homophobic conference was attened by Republican presidential aspirants Huckaby, Cruz and Jindal.

Rachel Maddow destroys Huckabee, Cruz and Jindal for speaking at a horrifically homophobic event

Click above for video

This is about as close to Sharia law as you can get, I suppose in this land of freedom. That we now have presidential candidates attending such radical conferences shows how extreme some views are in America, in general, and how some candidates will pander for votes to these wackos, in particular. The Republican party will never win the White House if they continue to cuddle up with these groups with their intolerant and neanderthal views. Imagine, executing every gay in America. Man, that's about as loopy as it gets. Besides that, it is intolerant hate - the worst kind of bullying. Self-righteous ass crap that tears down and kills rather than nurtures and embraces.


Comet Catalina on October 1, 2015

Word has it that a comet will be visible to the naked eye (why is it always naked?) in late November and December. Comet Catalina, if it holds together after its pass around the sun last Sunday, will be streaking across the Northern Hemisphere skies and will most certainly be worthy of photographic trips while I am in Northlandia. Grab the hot chocolate, Pat!

Anyone wanting to join me on early morning comet watches let me know.


My airline ticket search and scheduling didn't work out very well for this trip. I return to Floriduh on December 12th at 9 pm. That is the day of Kenzie's college graduation wheich I will miss. I was also invited to the Blick Christmas party in G-Burg. It is on the 12th as well. Bummer.

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