Monday, December 28, 2015

2015 - 2016

As promised Existing In BFE will be taking a few days off for the Holidays.  The entire staff wishes all the readers contentment, prosperity, patience, health and wisdom for the New Year.  We are going to need them.  

Year In Review


2015 was a year where I put my money where my mouth was.  I bought a cabin in Emerald City where I can escape the rigors and strain of Florida.  But it came at a cost:  I am now, for the first time since my early MDH years going paycheck-to-paycheck.  What this means is any event requiring expenditures results in a loss of funds, and not replaced.  Balancing the intake and outtake has created a bit of mental strain and if outflows exceeds intake, then the cabin will have to be rented or sold. But I can say without equivocation that I love my trips up and the cabin is perfect.  It houses Miss Frump, my motorcycle and the truck.  I am within walking distance of Mark and Holly, both whom I adore.   I wonder why they are looking at houses?   Hmmm.

My Cabin In The Woods
(Not really)

2015 was the year I sold my Henderson rental house.  When it was rented out obviously the place allowed for increased monthly funds, but when it was empty dealt a pretty good blow to the accounting books.  All in all, I took a pretty good loss on the place and happy the place is gone.  The ongoing water problem in the basement created far more sleepless nights than the place was worth.  We move on. 

Where my cabin is, Emerald City
(Not really)

2015 was the year we had nose surgery to take care of some polyps.  If I'd known the total out-of-pocket costs I would have removed them myself.  The total cost of the surgery was $93,000 and my cost, well, you can probably figure it out.  Certainly not worth the cost.  A few shots of whiskey, a box cutter and magnifying glass would have saved me a whole bunch of money.

Miss Frump and I made it to a couple car shows and she showed well, having earned two trophies.  I took several cycle rides with neighbor Tim and a few solo trips and believe that if Ponce de Leon had had a motorcycle, he would have definitively and contentedly found the fountain of youth.

So 2015 was kind of typical:  unequal measure of good and bad.  In this case more good than otherwise.  My ability to touch base with Northlandia has enhanced my world. But everything comes with a price. That is life, I guess.  

My Mets went to the World Series which made September, October and parts of November thrillingly fun.  It was not really expected either which made the whole thing more like a dream. 

But the center of my universe remains Norah.  She is growing up in the most delightful ways.  My friends continue to make me marvel at how lucky I am.  My kids continue to carve a piece of the world for themselves and make me proud.  All in all a damn great year.


The best of both worlds.  I'm gonna try and ride this horse till I fall off or the horse falters, frothing and exhausted.  The New Year holds some mystery.  

The entire family clan down here have leases till August her at Bedlam By The Bay.  We could all move once again, I could simply go North, the kids could move elsewhere or we could all land in the same spot again.  Who knows. Where will I be after August?

I didn't paint much this year - a failing that aggravates me to no end.  This must be rectified.   I am presently in the employ of my daughter who has hired me to watch her kid(s) until I travel to Northlandia again.  I hope to get up to Tybee once again, perhaps in February, and we still have a tentative bike trip in August.  To paint more, to be a better friend, to embrace the joys of wherever I am will be the cornerstone of this year.  What will happen?  The unexpected always rears its sometimes unwanted head and the only constant is change.  I'm a lucky guy.  So come on 2016 - give me your best shot.  

We will return on the 4th of January.  Happy New Year Everyone. 

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