Thursday, December 17, 2015

St. Petersburg Yacht Club Car Show - Part 2

Okay, so the Bentley's and the Roll's were pretty neat.  How about some good old American iron at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club car show?  

Why, of course.  Come along and walk with me.  

How about perhaps the most gorgepous looking thing I saw today? This is a 1957 Dodge Custom Royal. As long as a city block, 2-door with fins 3 stories high and large chrome bumpers weighing a ton each. Do I exagerate? Maybe a wee bit. Garish late 50's car with everything discernable styling add-on possible.

This wasn't a drivers seat, it was a cockpit of a rocket. 

Such beauty. This folks, to be indelicate, is like a stylist's orgasm: complete, shuddering, satisfaction to excess. Maybe rivaling this in its pretensiousness was the '61 Imperial. But for sheer automobile perfection, this wins.

I love the hood mascots they put on these cars in the 20's and 30's. They were actual works of art in their own right. I thought a few years ago to start a collection of hood ornaments but the price for these in good condition is pretty high.

For old school, this 1935 Cadillac Series 21 is awefully stylish and classy. I love the paint scheme on this one. I'm not sure if they were ever painted this way in reality, but this sure looks nice.

Falling through the cracks in the years of big muscle was this 1964 Mercury Marauder. Big car examples of this type included Ford's Galaxie, Chevy Impala and Pontiac Bonneville. Great big cars with throbbing engines. See me do Tim the Toolman's "Arr, arr, arr."

Military stuff is popular with a lot of folks, not so much with me. I appreciate their utilty and don't mind them being in shows, but I'm not really drawn to them. Where do you get stuff like this?

Bob Hoskins, our maintenance man at Mary davis Home, and Korean Conflict vet, always wanted a Jeep with a rounded front fender. This isn't one of them, but I bet it would still catch his eye.

I will always be a fan of the old Volkwagen Bugs.  I had two of them growing up.  They were cheap to buy and almost maintenance free.  Today they have appreciated in price that is astounding, considering they made gazillions of them.  I took a picture of that interior in the top picture mainly because I remember it.  The perforated seats and sparse features was pretty neat.  Of course I would have loved the Beverly Hillbillies truck had that been my only option.  

Cute little 1966 Sunbeam Tiger. There is no way I would want to try to get in and out of this thing nowadays but I'd be glad to store it in my garage. And maybe try to take it for a spin every so often to keep it greased up. With the top down. And maybe to a car show just so i could grab a trophy for the owner. Just a little a service I would provide for free.

Neighbor Tim sent me some pictures of an AMC Pacer he saw in Sterling last week. I'll get those posted one of these days. I told him you never see them or Mavericks or Pintos at car shows. I take that back. Here is a 1970 Ford Maverick in perfect condition. These were a dime a dozen back then, but rare and worth a lot today.

Tis the season to be jolly and walking around a car show in Florida.  This red Corvette was decked out in a seasonal Christmas moose.

We parked about a mile or so away and got absolutely drenched with the walk back. It rained hard and I would have been finbe with it but I had my camera to protect. I must say that it was fun walking in the rain like a kid again.

I got a T-shirt from the event and will try to make it again next year.  Nice stuff out here.

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  1. Great car pictures. They draw some beauties to that show.