Friday, January 29, 2016

Flashback Friday

It is mid winter up North as I write this.  15th of January is the halfway point almost everywhere.  This is the week, historically, that is the coldest for Florida, too.  Overall its been a good one so far, and since I am paying a heating bill up North, it is no longer a giggling, "Ha, ha, your freezing your ass off and I'm down here in warm Florida" thing.  I now have a dog in the hunt.

So, to give us all some hope for an early Spring and a cessation of cold (and heating bills), I present past moments in time when Springtime began.   

Our old fraternity house had flat roof which allowed us to head out after morning classes to soak up some early springtime sun.  

Here I am back in the day standing on the roof, casting my shadow onto the lawn, where I am being saluted by my frat brothers.  Yes, I was loved.  They seem to have a single finger jutting out from their otherwise closed fists which, I presume, means they are saying I am "Number 1!". 

While up there I took a picture of the campus.  The building in the middle is the Student Union building and I would surmise the tent to the right is where that year's graduation ceremony will take place.  

We lost the house after my sophomore year because the school decided to require all Greeks to reside on campus.  The home is  still there, a private residence, and they open the place during Homecoming so those wanting to revel in nostalgia can walk through it.  

And since this was taken, the student union was added onto all along where the big top was erected.  

If the graduation tent was erected then this had to have been around mid-May when these pictures were taken.  The mattresses from our beds were brought up to party/sun/hide.  That fellow is Tom Ross-Barnett, mentioned often here, who was from England, via Liberia and sponsored by the Stanley's from Muscatine for his studies. He presently lives in Colwin Bay, UK and was the recipient of one of the funniest pranks I ever pulled.

So, fellow Northlandia heat-bill-payers and not so cold other places in the world, take heart, it won't be long till we can measure the winter torment in days instead of months.  

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