Thursday, February 11, 2016

Out Of Sequence, On the Beach

I've been posting a lot of night pictures lately so I thought I'd post a daylight walk at the beach a few days ago.  Yeah, its out of sequence and I hate that - I'm so linear - but thought we needed a change of pace.  Enjoy it while you can because I'm going right back to some more nighttime pics next week.  

It was a cold blustery day and the waves were rollicking.  Winter down here lasts about a month or two then we start warming up.  It is always a treat to wear jeans and hoody, and on this walk you certainly had to.   

Even the birds looked cold today.  Without the beach Florida is nothing more than a temperate Kansas.  But at least it offers a hope that in a few short weeks things will warm, and beach walks will be fun again.  

Before I sign out, I should also tell you that the water was almost perfect, a nice room temperature that tempted me to jump in.  However, today there were rip tides all over the place and those are to be avoided. 

The sun was going down and that was why I went - to take some sunset pics, but the cold was too much.  To coin a word Trump used, I may have become a pussy down here with the temperatures.   They say you can tell who the Floridians are and who are the tourists this time of year.  The folks who wear no jackets are from Northlandia and the ones who bundle up are Floridians.  I can tell you I bundled up today. 


  1. The same thing is happening here in Georgia. I try to hide behind excuses like the cold is different here due to the humidity. The truth is that living here turns you into a pussy. Can't take the cold and getting to the point I don't want to.