Monday, February 8, 2016

Two Ships Passing In the Night - Part Two

Last week these two barges were navigating the river in Keithsburg as they met each other, one heading north, the other downstream.  Again, I leave you relatively wordless for this aquatic encounter.  

As I mentioned in some past post, my objective in these nighttime barge photos, besides the sheer beauty of it, is to master a most difficult camera task:  shooting movement in limited light.  I suppose I could get online and find other people's settings and then replicate it but that almost sounds like cheating.  This complicated machine called a Nikon d7100 is a camera and a puzzle.  It has an "AUTO" setting where it tells me it will do all the thinking for me and then this "MANUAL" setting which demands me to solve the riddle myself.   But the Auto will not work in the dark.  Even it seems to understand the futility of my mission.  So on I go, like a chimp in front of a typewriter, attempting to write War and Peace.  

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