Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Not A Fun Post, But Maybe Educational

One doesn't walk on earth too long till one discovers the darkest of things - death.  When the folks built their house in Seaton in a vacant lot nests of snakes were disturbed periodically in the summers.  Old holes, long homes to the slimy sons-of-bitches were exposed.  Marj would rush out with her hoe and chop them up in sturdy defence of the neighborhood kids in general and her offspring, in particular.  

Our first exposure to death was our neighbor in Seaton, Roy Rader, Uncle Ed's dad.  They had chickens and we'd go over on Saturday mornings to gather up the eggs under the uninviting hens in the coop.  We'd take them into Mabel who then would fix up some breakfast.  

One day we learned that Roy had died, and was resting in bed, like they tell 9 year olds who cannot grasp the enormity.  We boys were ushered over to view Roy, lying in bed like he had gone to sleep in his suit. 

Three years later our grandmother, Mona, would die, and we would once again, confront the darkness.  Since that first decade of life many others have passed from that small town and the darkness that seemed so alien to our young psyches is now nothing more stranger than the passing of seasons.  

One of my go-to website visits is to The Art of Manliness.  A few weeks ago I listened to this podcast from their site and think it is well worth your time to listen to.  Yeah, its almost an hour long, and yeah, its about a subject we avoid, but I think you'll find it illuminating.  It's why I am posting it on a Wednesday rather than a Friday.  

For me, I am not too worried about being dead.  My biggest concern is getting dead.  I don't want to embarrass myself or others.  I think elephants have it right - just wander off to a secluded place and do your thing.  Unfortunately we have small rooms crowded with people when we go - I've never been much for shallow chit-chat - hope brother Phil is there, at least then I can laugh at his jokes.  But I digress.

If interested push the red arrow and give this a listen.  It's good, it really is.  Explaining the process is well worth the time.  Sorry to be a downer, but like I always say, preparation is everything.

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  1. Excellent post Mike. An hour well spent. Thank you.