Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sunset and Sunrise


I'm cleaning out my picture file so I can start some new stuff after a week off.  I found these just floating around, never posted,  and thought they were rather nice.  They were taken maybe a month ago during a sunset walk on Indian Rocks beach.  

Notice how the light changed in just a few minutes between the top and bottom pictures.  It was quite dramatic.  When I was at Shawshank getting to a beach was pretty easy.  But now, up here in Bedlam it takes a major commitment to drive through a busy arterial street and maybe you will be lucky enough to find parking.  No fun.  I will say that I am wanting a beach day before I travel to Northlandia - one of those all day affairs with cooler, Bloody Mary's, a cigar or two, camera, warm water and people to look at.  


A couple of these were posted last week, I think, and I was just dumbfounded by the colors.  Glad I made it to see this one.   Some wise person said something about the key to success is simply "being there".   Can't say I've always been there on a lot of things, but I certainly was on these. 



  1. Nice pics. Made the morning coffee taste much better.

  2. Beautiful pictures Mike. You definitely have an eye for color