Monday, March 7, 2016

Vinoy Morning Walk

Keep walking from Demen's Landing on the waterfront of St. Pete you go past two Straub parks (ironically North and South) and then Vinoy.  I've never made much of a secret my fondness for the place.  During the day it is teeming with life.  Joggers, rugby, kites, bicyclists, benchwarmers, volleyball, swimming, fishing, squirrel feeding, you name it.  At night, a brightly-lit, quiet refuge from the ills of a harsh world.  One can sit and scan the Bay and drift to other places.  

This is one of my wordless posts.  Wordless posts bring out my artistic laziness.  Of course, there is no need for chatter.  Just walk with me and enjoy the peace. 

Wait too long...

And you risk the budding sunlight working its way into the cracks and shadows.  All the night magic and mystery vanishes.

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