Monday, April 25, 2016

Dowdell's Knob

Dowdell's Knob is the highest spot in the Pine Mountain ridge near Warm Springs.  It is at the northern edge of the 10,000 acre Roosevelt State Park.  It was here that FDR built a brick grill that is still there.  It was at this spot that he would gaze out at the countryside and contemplate politics, the war and was his favorite outdoor spot.  He brought guests and dignitaries up here for cookouts.  

The grill has been filled in with cement in order to preserve it.  FDR and his guests would sit up here and have a casual cookout. 

Close by is a life-size statue of FDR looking out at the beautiful vista.  

FDR was up here on April 10, 1945 and asked his security detail to leave him alone at this spot.  It was apparent that the War was going to be won.  One can only imagine what he was thinking, most likely how to proceed from was-time to peace-time America.  He would die 2 days later at the Little White House. 

Addendum:  Not far from this spot is a memorial rock marking the spot where an army B-25 crashed on a rainy dark night killing 4 crew members and a passenger in 1953.    

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