Friday, June 17, 2016

Flashback Friday


Fatherhood isn't easy.  It's like attempting to scale a steep cliff with one hand grasping a rope while the other swatting those pesky   Midwest gnats. It's doable, but one wrong move and its pretty calamitous.  Likewise the offspring - libraries are filled with Macbethian tales of discord, failed emulation, boots that can't be filled, and other stories of woe.  The father son-daughter relationships are like other things in nature, I suppose, beautiful in many ways yet with hidden dangers.  Nature is like that.    

If your Dad has passed perhaps the best thing we can do is remember them having tried their best to be great Fathers.  Most succeed marvelously.  Maybe we need to look at ourselves to see their true accomplishment - the grown adults they helped mold.  We are, ultimately our fathers.  Imperfect, perhaps quietly terrified, usually gallantly noble in the face of adversity and heroic, too.  It takes a real man/father to help bring life into the world, to whisper to that life, "I will protect you.  Trust me."  To work every day to insure a level of comfort; to sacrifice their youth and dreams in order to provide security and the essential needs of life to their family.  

Sure, the sons and daughters grow up to learn the flaws of their fathers, but that makes them no less heroic. In fact it should enhance - it makes the sacrifice even nobler - it makes the daily struggle more daunting.  And so, on this weekend, give more than just a thought to the Dad's in our lives and make peace with the memory or be sad with the loss, and if you are lucky enough to still have them, tell them you love them.  Before its too late.

The above pictures are of my Dad at the Seaton home.      


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